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Adrienne Ghaly - English/Literary Studies and Environmental Humanities

New College Curriculum and English
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Adrienne Ghaly
Research Focus: 

This project focuses on locating and exploring materials in Harrison Small Special Collections related to species extinction for an exhibition, Species Extinction in the Archive, to run in Special Collections from September 2019-late December 2019. The first phase of the project is to explore Special Collections, locate texts and images related to species extinction across a wide range of materials, and research the histories of those materials. The second phase is to participate in choosing the items to go in the exhibition and help co-design the exhibition.

Position Description: 

Students will:

- Deepen their understanding of Special Collections and the University’s role in recording species extinction and the study of the natural world
- Learn how to work with archival material and develop skills for its location, analysis, and public presentation
-Participate in the design, development and structuring of a public exhibition
-Contribute to the production of written materials (labels, accompanying texts, supporting guides) for the exhibition

Required Skills: 

• Strong interest in working with archival materials and original artifacts
• Keen interest in the Environmental Humanities and the history of UVa
• Familiarity with Virgo search parameters
• Experience of digital research
• Strong Virgo search skills
• Excellent writing skills and organizational skills
• An ability to synthesize and translate research findings into clear prose accessible to non-specialists

What will you learn: 

• How to use Special Collections to conduct inter-disciplinary research
• How to make connections between materials
• How to engage with Special Collections staff, librarians, conservators as exhibition design partners and how to develop and design a Special Collections exhibition
• How to meet the challenges of writing for the general public

English/Literary Studies and Environmental Humanities