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Alban Gaultier - Neuroimmunology and glia biology

Science & Engineering
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Alban Gaultier
Research Focus: 

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common neurological disorders, affecting 400,000 Americans and millions Worldwide. Despite the availability of multiple FDA approved drugs used to treat MS, this disorder remains cureless and disease diagnosis comes with a certainty of a lifetime of debilitating symptoms. The overall goal of my group is to develop new therapeutic options for MS. MS is a fascinating disease that sits at the crossroads of immunology and neuroscience. While most MS labs limit their approach to one of the aspects of the disease, my laboratory takes a more integral approach and studies different disease features.

Position Description: 

Chronic demyelination is the major reason for disease progression and increased disability in MS patients, as exposed neurons become prone to neurodegeneration. Unfortunately, currently approved therapies are only aimed at dampening the immune response and do not address the critical need for stimulating myelin repair during/following an MS attack. Understanding the mechanisms of remyelination is critical in preventing neuronal loss, and is paramount to improving the quality of life of MS patients. We are using a combination of bioinformatics and animal studies to further our understanding of remyelination with the hope to develop new therapeutic options.
The student will assist one of my graduate student and perform histological analysis of brain specimens.

Required Skills: 

Enthusiasm for science is required

What will you learn: 

1) immunofluorescence
2) tissue processing
3) basic data analysis

Neuroimmunology and glia biology