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Allison Bigelow - colonial literatures of the Americas

Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Allison Bigelow
Research Focus: 

From its appearance on Pre-Columbian vases in the 10th century to our iPhones today, the Popol Wuj, also known as the Maya K'iche' Book of Creation, has been published in approximately 1,200 editions and 25 world languages. These texts range from scholarly works to illustrated books for children. No single print edition can convey the visual, narrtive, or cultural complexity of the Popol Wuj, or show how the story has been shaped over time by artists, activists, editors, intellectuals, priests, and politicians. For these reasons, I am collaborating with students and faculty in the US and Guatemala on a thematic research collection about the Popol Wuj. Our project began in Spring 2017, in a seminar on Latin American Digital Humanities (SPAN 7559/4993), and it is under development at Students working on the team will contribute to technical development and adding new content from historical sources and material artifacts.

Position Description: 

The main areas of project development for 2018-2019 are technical (standardizing code and text markup), adding narrative content, and expanding visual content. Student researchers will have the opportunity to select an activity that aligns with their academic and professional goals. The primary tasks include:

1) using TEI to mark up folios of the manuscript and upload them to the team's GitHub repo
2) writing annotations and thematic entries
3) translating entries from English into Spanish
4) collaborating with curators at the Fralin Museum to select artifacts from the collection

Required Skills: 

The skills required depend upon which of the 4 tasks a student research selects. I will work with you and your interests to find a good assignment.

Computer software: 
What will you learn: 

The specific skills depend on the assignment that the student selects. In general, students will learn about indigenous histories and cultures in Mesoamerica, textual editing and analysis, and collaborative skills (especially those involving digital projects).

colonial literatures of the Americas