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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
From Cotton to Coop: Southern Chicken Farmers and the Origins of Agribusiness, 1945-1970 William Henagan and Benjamin Davison Olivier Zunz 2015 Double Hoo Award
Automated Quantification of Sarcomere Organization in Cardiac Myocytes Matthew Sutcliffe and Philip Tan Jeff Saucerman 2015 Double Hoo Award
Constraining the Magnetic Fields of Transiting Exoplanets Robin Leiter and Jake Turner Robert Johnson 2015 Double Hoo Award
Epigenetic Regulation of Social Behavior Jenna Van Dyck and Meghan Puglia Jamie Morriss 2015 Double Hoo Award
Redox State Effects on Oligodendrocytes in 3D Hydrogel Culture Charles Norsigian and Lauren Russell Kyle Lampe 2015 Double Hoo Award
A Controlled Case Comparison of the Rice Theory of Culture Jing Shi and Thomas Talhelm Shigehiro Oishi 2014 Double Hoo Award
An Analysis of Congressional Voting Behavior on Alxheimer's Legislation Rachel Deitch and Andrew Clarke Jeffrey Jenkins 2014 Double Hoo Award
Cosmic Building Blocks: The First Systematic Study of Dwarf Galaxy Interactions Catherine Zucker and Sandra Liss Robert Johnson 2014 Double Hoo Award
Development of a Blood Clot Removal Device for Interventional Stroke Care Brian Shin and Adam Dixon John Hossack 2014 Double Hoo Award
Room Occupancy Sensing in Office Buildings Rahim Islam and Juhi Ranjan Kamin Whitehouse 2014 Double Hoo Award
Using Genetic Ablation to Assess the Role of Perineurial Glia in Nerve Development Molly Booth and Angela Morris Sarah Kucenas 2014 Double Hoo Award