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Aynne Kokas - US-Chinese media and technology relations

Media Studies
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Aynne Kokas
Research Focus: 

My book project, Border Patrol on the Digital Frontier: China, the United States, and the Global War over Data, argues that by structuring the storage and limiting the flow of consumer data into and out of its borders, China is defining the relationship between citizens, data, and the nation in the twenty-first century not just within its own borders, but also—through its engagement with transnational technology corporations—for the world. The intellectual significance of this project lies in its examination of how the tetrabytes of data being generated by consumer applications are challenging national identities, particularly through the cooperative structuring of this data by corporations and national governments. Because consumer data touches on the most intimate moments of human life, which are now shared online, this project affects both scholars and the general public.

Position Description: 

The student will be an essential part of the research team by gathering, publicizing, and reviewing research.

The first key part of their work will be to gather and organize scholarly sources. As I prepare my book, I will both need assistance in gathering sources under specific topics like “Cisco in China,” and assistance uploading sources into the Endnote bibliographical databases.

Promoting the research is a second key area. Students will be responsible for helping to update the research website with guidance from the professor. Students will also assist the professor in revising presentations of the research.

Finally, students will have the opportunity to review research article drafts that the professor has written to give feedback and to learn about the process of developing research articles.

Required Skills: 

Chinese language - native speaker is a plus

What will you learn: 

How to gather and cite sources (optimally in multiple languages)
How to effectively present media studies research
How to navigate the journal article publication process

US-Chinese media and technology relations