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Caitlin Wylie - Science and Technology Studies, Sociology, Engineering

Social Science
Engineering & Society
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Caitlin Wylie
Research Focus: 

I'm studying how graduate students and undergraduates learn to work together to do
research in engineering. There are many studies about the benefits for undergrads of doing research with graduate students, but we know little about how graduate students experience being research mentors for undergrads. I suspect there are benefits for grad students, such as improved communication skills and learning interdisciplinary ideas from undergrads. I use qualitative methods (i.e., interviews, participant observation) to study how graduate and undergraduate students interact and what they learn from each other while they work together.

Position Description: 

You'll transcribe and analyze interviews of students and faculty, and you'll help me
analyze my observation data. You'll read and evaluate publications related to this study, including papers on science and engineering education, laboratory norms and hierarchies, and the development of professional identity.

Required Skills: 

You must be a reliable and responsible worker who respects the rules of confidentiality in
research on human subjects. Important skills for this project include attention to detail and willingness to read and think carefully.

Computer software: 
I'll help you earn IRB certification for social research.
What will you learn: 

By working on this study, I hope you'll learn how to:
1. Think critically about the relationships between science, technology, and society
2. Understand and critique published social research studies
3. Work with and analyze data from social research methods, and understand good social research practices

Science and Technology Studies, Sociology, Engineering