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Chauncey Smith - Adolescent sociopolitical development, youth participatory action research, Black identity development

Social Science
Human Services (Curry)
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Chauncey Smith
Research Focus: 

My research broadly examines the school experiences of racial-ethnic minority youth, specifically Black youth, from middle school through higher education.

One project of interest is titled Crafting Success for Underrepresented Scientists and Engineers (CSUSE). It is a longitudinal examination of the experiences of STEM college students from underrepresented backgrounds (students of color, women, and students from low-income households). This interdisciplinary project involves the work of sociologists, psychologists, engineers, science educators, diversity officers, and education researchers at the University of Virginia. This project employs multiple methods, including qualitative focus groups and observations, primary and secondary quantitative data analysis, and protocol development for school and student interventions. My portion of the project is the qualitative examination of policies and resources aimed at promoting and sustaining diversity in STEM at UVa.

The other project is the Voice Project. This is a longitudinal examination of sociopolitical development, school experiences, and identity – at the intersection of race, class, and gender – among Black boys in a suburban high school. To address the question “how do middle class Black boys make meaning of their school experiences?”, the project employs multiple methodologies (i.e., phenomenology, youth participatory action research (YPAR), photovoice, discourse analysis, and participant observation).

Position Description: 

Students will be involved in:

-Qualitative data transcription: from video and audio data to words
-Qualitative transcript cleaning: double-checking the accuracy of transcripts
-Qualitative data coding (based on student experience, performance, and/or previous training): students will be involved in the first steps of coding qualitative data alongside myself and graduate students

Required Skills: 

Preferred (but not required): Some introductory courses in psychology, sociology, and/or youth and social innovation (or a related field); some training in research methods

CITI training
What will you learn: 

TECHNICAL SKILL: Demonstrate skills in the navigation of Dedoose
METHODOLOGICAL SKILL: Gain experience in a deep dive into qualitative research (from data collection to analysis to synthesis)
CONCEPTUAL KNOWLEDGE: Demonstrate knowledge of the identities and experiences of Black and underrepresented minority populations in school/higher education contexts

Adolescent sociopolitical development, youth participatory action research, Black identity development