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Chiraag Mittal - How expectations are formed

Social Science
McIntire School of Business
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Mittal, Chiraag
Research Focus: 

I study how people form expectations about themselves and how these expectations influence their decisions and behaviors.

Position Description: 

The goal of this project is to understand whether people have an 'ideal' life expectancy. That is, is there a particular age where people ideally want to live up to? This is different than the commonly used subjective life expectancy which captures the age people think they will live up to be. Instead, 'ideal' life expectancy tries to model the length of lifespan that people ideally find appealing. Most focus thus far on how people make choice for the long-term has been on subjective life expectancy. But what if people's decisions and behaviors are rather governed by their ideal life expectancy? This is what this project aims to find out.

Required Skills: 

Basic MS office skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) 

CITI Training
What will you learn: 

- Making sense of/approaching the academic literature
- Designing behavioral studies and collecting data
- Analyzing, interpreting, and writing results