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David Hryvniak - 3D motion capture for sports performance and research

Science & Engineering
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Supervising Faculty Member: 
David Hryvniak
Research Focus: 

The SPEED Clinic conducts biomechanical assessments of professional and recreational athletes.  The primary sports of interest are golf and running, but we occasionally perform assessments in jumping, lacrosse, baseball, and throwing.  The SPEED Clinic also conducts research on sports performance and footwear.  The lab uses 3-D motion and force technology along with practical coaching applications.

Position Description: 

1.      Learn to conduct 3-D motion and force data capture related to professional and recreational athletes;

2.      navigate data collection and processing for 3-D biomechanical assessments;

3.      maintain MATLAB code for graphical outputs of motion capture data;

4.      write novel MATLAB code to extract specific biomechanical parameters of interest to research and athletic performance; and

5.      participate in research manuscript preparation.

Required Skills: 

1.      Appreciation for both clinical intervention and research;

2.      attention to detail;

3.      MATLAB coding, previous experience is a plus; and

4.      willingness to participate in statistical analyses and research manuscript preparation.

Computer software: 
What will you learn: 

1.      Fundamentals of capture and processing 3-D motion and force data;

2.      practical application of raw data for athletic performance recommendations;

3.      ethical management of data;

4.      interaction with athletes and research participants;

5.      MATLAB coding skills related to sports biomechanics; and

6.      elements of research design and manuscript preparation.