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Donna Chen and Simona Babiceanu - Civil Engineering, Transportation Operations, Data Analytics.

Science & Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Donna Chen and Simona Babiceanu
Research Focus: 

The focus of this research is to find common trips taken using the road system in Northern Virginia. Another project is to analyze the effect that the opening of the I-64 Express lanes in Norfolk in January 2018 had on the regional traffic.

Position Description: 

Data collection (using online websites to collect data)
Data analysis (analyze data collected online plus other data sets that will be provided to student)
Programming (If interest exist in the part of the student, custom coding. Any programming language that is appropriate for the task is acceptable. Example: Python, Java, C/C++, Matlab, SAS, R, SQL).

Required Skills: 

Familiarity with using Excel and entering data

None required
What will you learn: 

Basic statistical analysis (mean, mode, median, confidence levels, Z-tests, t-tests)
Map conflation (using data from different maps to create enhanced maps)
Data mining and analytics, pattern recognition (finding patterns and analogies in data)

Civil Engineering, Transportation Operations, Data Analytics.