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Gabrielle Adams - Social psychology and organizational behavior

Social Science
Batten School of Public Policy (Social Psychology)
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Gabrielle Adams
Research Focus: 

I conduct research in the fields of social psychology and organizational behavior; I teach at Batten. I study interpersonal dynamics (how people interact with one another). I am interested in why people help each other (prosocial behavior), why people harm each other (unethical behavior), and how they make up for unethical behavior (apologies, forgiveness). I conduct this research by performing laboratory-based experiments with human participants. I also solicit responses to questionnaires. One of the big questions in which I am interested is how two people can come to very different understandings and interpretations of the same event.

Position Description: 

An RA will be responsible for carrying out the research. This will included literature reviews, data entry, data coding and the development of codebooks, and - primarily - soliciting participation and running participants in experiments. S/he will work closely with my lab manager to oversee the smooth running of the laboratory.

Required Skills: 

The ideal RA would have a background in social psychology (PSYC2600 or PPOL3100) and psychology research methods and/or statistics (e.g. PSYC3005, PSYCH3006).

CITI training (can be done online in several hours)
What will you learn: 

Literature review and summarizing/organizing relevant research
Familiarity with questionnaire development, design, and programming
Data entry, coding, and codebook development
Running participants in experiments

I conduct research in social psychology and organizational behavior. The main focus of my research is on forgiveness, apologies, and other responses to injustice and immorality.