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Gaurav Giri - Microfluidics, Crystallization, Flexible Electronics and Pharmaceuticals

Science & Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Gaurav Giri
Research Focus: 

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are composed of a periodic structure of metal ion and chemical linkers that arrange themselves to form highly porous (> 1000 m2/g) materials. MOFs have exquisite tunability due to the use of diverse metal and organic ligand species. The high surface area and chemical diversity has resulted in the use of MOFs for numerous applications, such as separations, sensing, charge and ion transport, gas storage, drug delivery, and other biological and energy related applications. However, many of these applications, especially those relating to sensing, electronic and battery applications, require the formation of MOFs as defect free, high quality thin films. Current techniques of creating MOF thin films are slow and cannot be easily translated to large scale production.

Position Description: 

This project will detail the use of controlled fluid forces and reaction engineering to create high quality MOF thin films in a short time scale, while still being usable for high throughout, large area formation.

Required Skills: 

Engineering major

What will you learn: 

The undergraduate student will learn the use of microfluidics and reaction engineering for MOFs, as well as various analysis techniques to study the quality of the thin films created. We will then use these thin films for drug sensing and battery applications.

Microfluidics, Crystallization, Flexible Electronics and Pharmaceuticals