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Jeffrey Boichuk - Marketing

Social Science
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Jeffrey Boichuk
Research Focus: 

This research position will focus on the topic of “marketing sustainability” (i.e., how can companies sell sustainable goods, including food, more effectively?). Tasks will include conducting field experiments through online and email marketing campaigns as well as facilitating interactive campaigns in retail stores. The primary objectives are to foster a deeper understanding of sustainability in the eyes of consumers and to advance the literature through academic scholarship.

Position Description: 

This work will involve both the development and implementation of research ideas. Among other things, tasks will include:
- Preparing Institutional Review Board approval forms
- Collecting surveys in designated locations to generate market intelligence
- Preparing email campaigns for experiments
- Overseeing the project’s development and tracking its progress throughout its life cycle
- Wrangling and analyzing data (not required)
- Writing the methods section of a research paper

Required Skills: 

'- Must be passionate about research, self-motivated, and a strong communicator
- Having a basic understanding of research design is critical

What will you learn: 

As a result of working with me, I would like students to be able to:
1. Apply the scientific method to business research with greater confidence
2. Understand how companies can adopt more sustainable practices
3. Enjoy academic research and entering the conversation with their own ideas.