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Jennifer Charlton - Pediatric Nephrologist

Science & Engineering
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Jennifer Charlton
Research Focus: 

The goal of our laboratory is to protect and promote kidney health in the smallest, most vulnerable infants: those born prematurely.

Each day in the United States, ~1400 infants are born before their kidneys have the chance to fully develop. These children are at a significant risk of future chronic kidney disease. Our group studies renal development in an ex utero environment in the hopes of avoiding kidney injury and promoting normal renal development.

We are working with biomedical engineers to create noninvasive methods to determine the number of nephrons an individual possesses. Understanding how the infant kidney develops away from the protection of its mother’s environment and which infants are at risk for chronic kidney disease will allow us to develop therapies to reduce chronic kidney disease in this vulnerable population.

Position Description: 

The USOAR student will be working on the receptor megalin. We have a collaborator who has knocked out megalin in the kidneys and we are quantifying the kidney effects of this KO mouse. The student would be involved in the quantification of the kidney metrics such as in stereology by measuring the glomerular area, tracing the vasculature, staining kidney sections for various markers of glomerular and tubular health.

Required Skills: 

no specific courses

Bloodborne Pathogen and Biosafety Training for Research Personnel
What will you learn: 

1. Appreciate the complexities to design appropriate experiments to answer questions.
2. Understand the functions of the kidney.
3. Explain their data in an organized and clear manner.

Pediatric Nephrologist