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Jerry White - Religion, politics and violence. Researching strategies to reduce religion-related violence worldwide.

Religious Studies
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Jerry White
Research Focus: 

My students and colleagues are working on an initiative called: Religion, Politics, and Conflict (RPC) and I teach a course each semester on Religion, Violence & Strategy: How to Stop Killing in the Name of God. We are developing an innovative "Religicide Index" to show the countries most at risk of religion-related violence (RRV) and deploying contemporary research methods and technology to simulate optimal strategies for impact to prevent violent conflict in the name of religion. giCompute is the name of the cloud-based platform where we train researchers to use game theory methods to assess optimal pathways for impact and assess stakeholder influence. We'd like to provide dynamic modeling for the top 20 countries at risk for violence in the coming year. My current researcher has started preliminary research and training, but we need more researchers to advance the work in the coming year.

Position Description: 

Weekly research includes literature review on issues and countries of research focus.
Tracking and research on qualified subject matter experts able to review research.
Online searches for latest analysis of current conflicts, as well as government sources tracking human rights, conflict and religious and press freedoms.
Appropriate for BA and MA candidates willing to learn and work steadily throughout the year.

Required Skills: 

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Skills
Excellent writing and oral communications

What will you learn: 

Master quick framing of research questions with transparent logic, assumptions, etc.
Read book by Phillip Tetlock on Superforecasting, which describes qualities needed.
Learn how to access and survey PhD and scholar peer-reviewed literature quickly.
Become proficient in giCompute software online and quick to package communications in PPT.

Religion, politics and violence. Researching strategies to reduce religion-related violence worldwide.