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Karen K Inkelas - Higher Education (the impact of college on students)

Social Science
Educational Leadership, Foundations, and Policy
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Karen K Inkelas
Research Focus: 

This research is part of a three-university study between UVA, Penn State, and the University of Wisconsin. We are trying to reduce college students' stress and anxiety by developing a course on the art and science of mindfulness and flourishing. My portion of the research studies the actual teaching of the course on all 3 campuses.

Position Description: 

Students working on the project will analyze student records, journals, and short essays. They may also observe classes and lab sessions. Students will also learn how to use various facets of Microsoft Excel.

Required Skills: 

No, although a healthy curiosity and ability to observe a classroom as an objective observer versus a student is beneficial.

What will you learn: 

1. Analyze qualitative data
2. Collaborate with researchers on different campuses
3. Evaluate a class/curriculum

Higher Education (the impact of college on students)