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Kwon Park - Genetics of lung cancer.

Science & Engineering
Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Kwon Park
Research Focus: 

Our overarching goal is to understand how normal cells become cancer cells. Specifically, our research is focused on identifying the cause of the disease and understanding its mechanism of actions. To this end, we apply genetic and biochemical tools to study genes and mutations in cells and mouse models.

Position Description: 

Students will learn basic concepts of experimental biology and hands-on molecular biology and biochemical methods that are routinely used in the cancer research as well as many other disciplines in biomedical sciences. Students will also learn how to formulate a hypothesis from questions via critical thinking and to effectively communicate ideas.

Required Skills: 

Prior lab skills are not necessary. But scientific curiosity and high motivation are essential.

Basic biosafety training (Level 1 and Level 2); Animal handling training
What will you learn: 

Students will be able to conduct an advanced level of experiments, communicate effectively their ideas and results, and learn the value of biomedical science.

Genetics of lung cancer.