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Lisa Reilly - Skyscraper Gothic Museum Exhibition

Architectural History
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Lisa Reilly
Research Focus: 

I am currently developing an exhibition for the Fralin Museum (with other venues possible) on Skyscraper Gothic with my colleague, Kevin Murphy of Vanderbilt University.
Some of the most beloved urban monuments in the US are the early 20th-century skyscrapers built in the Gothic style. Among the most famous are the Woolworth Building in New York and the Chicago Tribune Tower. Scoffed at by later modernist critics, these and other examples stood as monuments to urban and sometimes corporate ambition in the early decades of the 20th century when architects, businessmen, and civic leaders struggled to find an appropriate architectural language for what was a novel building type. The medieval recommended itself because Gothic cathedrals, churches, and secular buildings were thought to offer a model for how a tall and structurally daring building could be handled. Our exhibition will include drawings, furniture and ephemera related to early modern skyscrapers.

Position Description: 

We are just beginning our work on the exhibition, which is scheduled to open in fall 2020. Students working on this project will assist with the research of relevant museum collections and objects as well as critical literature as we develop the checklist for the exhibition. Their research will support the identification of critical themes for the exhibit and the drafting of essays related to exhibition as well as grant proposals.

Required Skills: 

There are no specific qualifications for the job apart from an interest in 20th century architecture and material culture and the ability to learn how to do high level research in the field of art & architectural history.

Computer software: 
What will you learn: 

1. Conduct independent research at a high level.
2. Understand how an exhibition is developed, organised and arranged.
3. Read and write using skill of critical analysis.

Medieval Architectural History and Medievalism