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Martha Hellems - General Pediatrics, Clinical Informatics

Science & Engineering
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Martha Hellems
Research Focus: 

My research and improvement work is in the area of health information technology and its clinical application and implementation to improve patient care and clinician effectiveness. Current projects include clinical decision support for pediatricians, electronic health record (EHR) tools to improve collaboration between generalists and specialists, improving utility of the EHR patient portal, and targeting interventions to improve provider efficiency using the EHR. I am also working in Clinical Informatics education and would welcome students interested in research projects in CI education. But I'm a generalist at heart and our Clinical Informatics needs in the UVa Health System are always rapidly evolving so I'm open to exploring other possible research topics with students.

Position Description: 

This will depend on the specific project a student and I decide upon. Examples might include designing and conducting surveys of providers or patients; conducting chart reviews; analyzing clinical data from the EHR; assisting patients or providers with EHR tools; designing, implementing, and analyzing data from clinical decision support tools. There may also be opportunities to explore social determinants of health.

Required Skills: 

We can design a project that takes advantage of a student's particular skills or knowledge, which may include research techniques, software skills, epidemiology, or statistics. However, I don't require any specific skills prior to starting a project.

Computer software: 
Students will need to complete a research ethics training module (CITI training). This takes several hours but can be completed on-line at no cost. If the project requires using the EHR, there will be some training required.
What will you learn: 

Learn how to:
Turn an interesting clinical question into a research question and hypothesis.
Understand how to interpret results of a statistical analysis.
Learn about:
Some area(s) of clinical informatics.

General Pediatrics, Clinical Informatics