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Meredith D. Clark - Race and power in digital and social media

Media Studies
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Meredith D. Clark
Research Focus: 

My research examines multiple intersections of race and power in digital and social media. I am an "engaged" scholar, meaning much of my work has immediate application outside of academic contexts. I conduct research that is presented to a wide range of audiences, including academics, media industry leaders, and the general public.

In the coming year, my major projects will include extending my work on Black Twitter and Black digital culture via a series of audience and media production studies, and conducting qualitative research to develop a series of case studies on newsroom diversity issues to complement the American Society of News Editors' Annual Newsroom Diversity Survey. Both lines of research will also generate data for peer-reviewed research publications.

Position Description: 

Students working with me will learn about the academic research process from ideation to publication. I will provide specific training opportunities in qualitative methods including digital ethnography and focus groups, and will help students find on-Grounds opportunities to develop their database research skills to find relevant literature and information related to my current projects. In working together, students will develop a template for approaching their own academic projects in digital and social media research, and will learn to write about academic research for public audiences via blogging and social media.

Students working with me will complete tasks ranging from searching for literature to collecting and coding qualitative data about online phenomena. An exceptional student may be trusted with the responsibility of conducting interviews under my supervision.

Required Skills: 

I strongly encourage students who wish to work with me complete the University's Social and Behavioral Science Human Research Subjects training (CITI) before the fall 2018 semester begins. Students should be able to work independently and meet deadlines. Students should also have some working knowledge of APA style, and should possess strong writing skills.

Completion of the University's SBS Human Subjects Research Training (CITI).
What will you learn: 

As a result of working with me, students will gain experience to demystify the research process, and will learn key steps that are applicable in planning their own academic research projects from ideation to peer-reviewed publication. Students will learn how to write about the research process for public audiences (i.e., people who are not in academia), and how to give both academic and public talks about scholarly work.

Race and power in digital and social media