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Peter Schauss - Quantum computing platform development

Supervising Faculty Member: 
Schauss, Peter
Research Focus: 

Our group is working on quantum simulation of bosonic and fermionic quantum many-body systems using ultracold atoms in optical lattices.

Position Description: 

Alkaline-earth-like atoms are ideal candidates for storage of quantum information and quantum computation. Currently, we are setting up an experiment to implement laser cooling of such an element, ytterbium and trap it in optical tweezers.

Within this project, we aim at producing cold ytterbium atoms and image them using lasers. The project will include work with lasers and electronics to control the experiment. Our long-term goal is to realize a next-generation quantum computing platform based on neutral atoms.

Required Skills: 

No particular skills are required. General lab skills and soldering experience helpful.

Laser safety training and shop safety training will be assigned as online course.
What will you learn: 

- working with scientific diode lasers
- vacuum technology
- electronics
- atomic spectroscopy