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Robert Craig Group - High Energy Particle Physics

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Supervising Faculty Member: 
Robert Craig Group
Research Focus: 

I am a member of an international experiment called Mu2e. This experiment will take place at Fermi National Lab and we are building it now. One piece of the experiment is tasked with vetoing cosmic ray muons. These muons can enter our experiment and fake the signal, so they must be vetoed. Our group is building this detector over the next two years and there are lots of interesting projects related to this effort. When the the Cosmic Ray Veto is complete it will be shipped to Fermilab where it will installed and serve as a critical piece of the Mu2e experiment.

Position Description: 

The students may help build and test the detectors for the Cosmic Ray Veto. For these activities they will work with a team and follow well-documented procedures to assemble detector components and to test their performance. Over the last few years we have assembled many prototypes and improved the documentation at every step. Students will have good documentation and will work closely with more advanced technicians until they feel comfortable with their work.

Required Skills: 

The student needs to be willing and able to work with their hands and to follow instructions.

Computer software: 
Students will be required to complete our lab general safety training before they start work.
What will you learn: 

1) Students will be exposed to basic particle physics detector principles.
2) Students will learn about and contribute to the Mu2e experiment.
3) Students will be able analyze and draw conclusions from simple data sets.

High Energy Particle Physics