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Robert Hirosky - Particle Physics

Supervising Faculty Member: 
Hirosky, Robert
Research Focus: 

Development of high resolution EM calorimetry for particle physics experiments

Position Description: 

After completion of the physics program at the Large Hadron Collider, a strong candidate for the next generation particle accelerator will be an electron-positron collider with a focus on precision measurements of the Higgs boson properties and other particles at the "electroweak" mass scale.  In order to study this physics at unprecedented precision, new particle detection technologies will need to be developed.  As part of the CALVISION consortium of universities and national laboratories, research at UVa will focus on the development of new EM calorimeters used to measure very high energy electrons and photons from particle collisions.  Our work will include detailed simulations of detector performance, prototyping of detector elements, developing electronics and data collection systems, and evaluation of our detector prototypes in particle beam tests at various national laboratories.  We envision this R&D to be a first step towards the design of a full detector concept optimized for use at the next world class particle collider.

Required Skills: 

Computing interest (or experience) would be useful.  Interest in learning scientific computing skills and application of detector/sensor technology to build instrumentation for experiments is a must.

There are a number of introductory programs presented throughout the year focusing on research in high energy physics, detector physics, and computing classes.
What will you learn: 

- principles of particle interaction with materials and detection technologies
- use of physics simulations and data analysis using python and C++ languages
- working in a collaborative environment and presenting efforts in group meetings