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Shawn Russell - Human Movement Biomechanics and Control

Science & Engineering
Orthopedic Surgery and Mechanical Engineering
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Shawn Russell
Research Focus: 

The focus of my research is to use engineering analysis to develop a better understanding of how and why we move the way we do. This understanding can be used to help make peoples movements more “er”, fast’er’, high’er’, bett’er’. This includes studying the movement patterns of typically developed individuals to understand how we learn and optimize our typical movement patterns, and the movement patters of patients with musculoskeletal disabilities. Here we can use our knowledge of typical gait to help develop better therapies, or assistive devices to help make their movement patterns more ‘er’.

Position Description: 

Students will be expected to assist in the collection of data, including measuring and recording subject limb lengths, applying reflective markers, and using VICON motion capture software to collect motion and force data of human movement. In addition they will be involved in the post-processing of collected data to prepare it for use as input in computational models. Finally they will be expected to participate in the initial analysis of the model outputs.

Required Skills: 

Ability to work with patients, maintain a positive attitude.
Introduction Physics
Working knowledge of: Statics, Dynamics

CITI training for human subject testing will need to be completed within first week of starting in the lab.
What will you learn: 

Be able to collect human movement data.
Understand the relationship between joint movement patterns, external force (ground reaction forces) and muscle forces on how and why we move the way we do.
Understand how assumptions made in dynamic model development effect how a model can be used.

Human Movement Biomechanics and Control Gait analysis Human movement modeling Assistive device design