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Tony Lin - Race, Faith and Culture focusing on multiracial Christian communities.

Social Science
Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Tony Lin
Research Focus: 

The goal of the Race, Faith, and Culture Project is to shed light into the interconnectedness of race and religion as it shapes our culture today. This specific project focuses on multiracial churches. The numbers of multiethnic churches and communities have risen over the last 25 years largely as a response to the racial inequality dividing the nation. While recent studies have shed some light on these communities, sociologists Michael Emerson and his colleagues believe that we need new research on the ways that race, religion, and inequality intersect, particularly in multiethnic contexts. This project seeks to understand the theological and cultural sources that multiethnic Christian
communities draw from to shape their adherents’ views of racial inequality. Through interviews, focus groups, and analysis of sermons and church materials we hope to make sense of the ways that congregations equip parishioners to challenge or reproduce racial inequality in America. This project will focus on communities that have experienced racial conflict as the result of police shootings of unarmed Black men, such as Ferguson/St. Louis, MO; Baltimore, MD; New York City, NY; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; Dallas, TX; and Charleston, SC. As America is irreversibly on track to become a majority minority nation, multiethnic communities could provide a glimpse at this future and offer a hopeful path forward to live and thrive with our racial ethnic differences.

Position Description: 

The primary responsibility in this position will be to provide research support for the writing of journal articles and a book manuscript. The research assistant will be trained and expected to analyze texts and online videos for content and themes related to race, religion, and multiracial spaces. Search and summarize books relevant to this subject. Dialogue with scholars and practitioners across disciplines with insights into this work. Take part in the Race, Faith and Culture gatherings, which includes faculty across the disciplines.

Required Skills: 

No previous experience necessary, but background in one or more of the following would be helpful: race and ethnicity, race theory, gender, American Christianity, Civil Rights movement.

Computer software: 
What will you learn: 

Engage in rigorous qualitative analysis of texts, speech, and other cultural products.

Learn insights into the academic publishing process, both books and articles.

Study history of American Christianity and its relationship with race. Experience challenges of navigating cross-disciplinary humanities-social science discussions.

Race, Faith and Culture focusing on multiracial Christian communities.