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Tonya R Moon - Identifying Talent in Low Income and English as a Second Language Students

Social Science
EDLF (Curry School)
Supervising Faculty Member: 
Tonya R Moon
Research Focus: 

Culturally, linguistically, and socio-economically diverse students continue to be underrepresented in gifted education programs. Project Kaleidoscope is a federally-funded research grant with the aim of increasing gifted referral and identification of primary-aged students from such underrepresented groups. To achieve this end, the project has three goals: 1) to increase teachers’ ability to use data to make effective and culturally responsive instructional choices in support of talent development; 2) to increase primary-aged students’ achievement in the areas of phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, concept of word in text, or instructional oral reading level, as developmentally appropriate; and 3) to provide a mechanism to scale-up school- and home-based parental involvement to support potentially gifted children’s literacy development. The research employs a quasi-experimental design in which five schools are receiving the afore-described services, and six schools will serve as the controls, i.e., “business as usual” schools.

Position Description: 

1. Inputting data into database
2. Gathering research literature
3. Assisting in developing online professional development modules for teachers in the area of literacy and talent development (will work alongside doctoral students)
4. Attending project meetings
5. Assisting in collecting observational data (alongside doctoral students)

Required Skills: 

If students have had an introductory statistics course but it is not a requirement

Computer software: 
Would need to complete the CITI online module on research with human subjects before beginning (45 minutes)
What will you learn: 

1. To develop an understanding of the process of research in a real-world setting (i.e., public schools)
2. To develop an understanding of how to interact and collaborate with others within a research environment
3. To develop an understanding of the ways in which educational policies (local, state, and federal) have direct implications for what happens in the school setting.

Research design and measurement