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Abstract Submission

The Undergraduate Research Symposium, previously scheduled for April 15, 2020, has been cancelled

The Office of Undergraduate Research is acting in accordance with the recommendations from the University administration. Follow this link for more updates about the operations status at the University. 


How to Apply

Abstract Submission Portal: CLOSED

Abstract Submission deadline: Friday, March 6, 2020.


For group presentations, the primary presenter should submit co-presenters’ information during the abstract submission process.

Research Mentors

You will need to enter the name and email address for your primary research mentor. The primary research mentor is either a faculty member or postdoctoral researcher. Additionally, you may enter a graduate student mentor as a secondary mentor if applicable.

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Title: (30-word max): The title should clearly indicate the nature of the research performed. Describe your research in succinct terms, reflecting the contents of your abstract. Use keywords, and do not use abbreviations, acronyms or chemical formulas.

Abstract Body: (250-word max)

  • Abstracts should include the following elements: Introductory sentence(s)
    • Introductory sentence(s)
    • Statement of hypothesis, thesis, purpose, or question of the study
    • General methods, procedures, sources, or media used
    • Primary results, findings, or arguments
    • Primary conclusion/implication of the work
    • General statement of the significance of the research or creative work
  • An abstract should be accessible to people who are not experts in the field. That is, it should use accessible language and avoid jargon.
  • You should write and edit your abstract in a word document and then add the abstract with your submission.

PLEASE NOTE: Your abstract will be published in the Symposium Proceedings. Therefore, you should submit a high-quality version approved by your faculty mentor.

Session Type

You may apply to present your research as a poster, oral presentation, performing arts presentation, or in the visual arts and design showcase.


The poster should include a statement of the idea investigated, a description of the method or approach used, findings or progress to date, and a summary. Size requirements for posters are 36” x 48”. Please note: your posters should not be free-standing, poster boards will be provided at the event.

Oral Presentation

Oral presentations are 10 minutes in length. This time limit is strictly enforced. Your presentation should be tailored to an educated, non-field expert audience and may be accompanied by a visual slide show, handouts, live demonstrations, performance, or audience participation.

Performing, Visual Arts and Design Showcase

Submissions for this session must be art forms created as part or as a result of the research process. Submissions may include paintings, drawings, printing, sculpture, architectural models, digital arts, experimental media, jewelry, textiles, photography/film, mixed media, and more. Submissions may also be performance-based (e.g. music, theater, or dance). Exhibitors are required to present on the day of the Symposium.

More questions?

Visit our Symposium FAQ or email