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Information For Presenters

Symposium etiquette

On the day of the Symposium

Participants are encouraged to:

  • Wear professional/business attire.
  • Come prepared to the Symposium, which means poster presenters should arrive with their poster and oral presenters should have their presentation files on a USB flash drive and backed up in the cloud.
  • Arrive early to oral presentation sessions, especially if presenting. Presenters are asked to be in their session room at least fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of the session.
  • Remain for the entirety of a presentation session.
  • Wait until students are finished delivering presentations (or are in between presentations) before entering a session room.
  • Visit Newcomb Hall prior to the Symposium, in order to get a feel for the building and, if applicable, the session room in which they are presenting.
  • Email with any questions about Symposium etiquette.
  • If you have signed up to present but are no longer able to, make sure to let the Office of Undergraduate Research know as soon as possible.

Information for Poster Presenters

Preparing your poster

Your poster:

  • Should be 36” X 48”.
  • Should be ready to display on poster boards we will provide.
  • Office of Undergraduate Research Poster Templates

Tips for designing your poster

Below are some resources for designing your poster and getting feedback from design experts.

OUR Poster Design Workshop on Tuesday, February 18th.

OUR Poster Presentation Tips

Printing your poster

The best options (and usually the most cost-effective) for large-format poster printing are:

  • Staples
  • FedEx Kinko’s

Submit your printing request by Wednesday, April 8th in order to guarantee your poster is ready on the day of the Symposium.

Don’t forget to request a proof of your poster prior to printing the full-size version if available.

On the day of the Symposium

Deliver your poster to Newcomb Hall Ballroom and check in at the registration table 15 minutes before your presentation time on Wednesday, April 15th.

You will present your poster during the formal Poster Session. Presenters are asked to remain at their posters during the formal session times and as available throughout your session time. You should be prepared with a three- to five-minute summary for visitors using your poster as a visual guide. Some visitors may ask additional questions. Additionally, you are also strongly encouraged to attend the presentation sessions.

Please plan to remove your poster after your poster session.

Information for Oral Presentation Presenters

Tips for designing your presentation

Below are some resources for designing your oral presentation.

OUR Oral Presentation Workshop on Tuesday, February 12th.

OUR Oral Presentation Tips

Length and format

Your presentation:

  • Should be ten minutes in length. This limit is strictly enforced. You will have an additional two to three minutes for Q&A.
  • Should be tailored to an educated, non-field expert audience.
  • May be accompanied by a visual slide show (e.g., PowerPoint) and/or handout for the audience.
  • May include a live demonstration, performance, and/or audience participation.

Please practice and time your presentation prior to the day of the Symposium. The OUR offers Presentation Practice Sessions for students who would like feedback on their presentations. Practice session will take place on April 1st and 8th in Clemons Library room 204. For more information visit the Office of Undergraduate Research Workshop Series.

Technology for your presentation

In each Newcomb Hall classroom, the following will be available:

  • Computer
  • Projector

If you think you will have additional special requirements, you will need to email ASAP for approval.

You may NOT use your own laptop.

If you plan to use PowerPoint, keep in mind the following:

  • The classroom computers run the newest version of Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint. If you are using an older version of Office, you will be fine.
  • Save a second copy of your presentation as a PDF file.S PDF files are far less likely to encounter compatibility issues. You can always view your slides in full screen within Adobe Reader (View –> Full Screen Mode). (Note that this will remove any slide transitions or effects.)
  • Mac Users! If you created your powerpoint on a Mac computer, make sure to test it on a PC before the day of the presentation. If you use videos or audio files, you may have to convert the files to make it readable on a PC. There will not be Mac adapters available.
  • Check your pictures, video and audio that are embedded into your slide show. Please be sure that they are imported in and not linked. Linking video/audio media to the power point does not copy them into the presentation and only links to the existing file on your computer. They will show up as black boxes or broken links on other computers. The easiest way to check if the file has been properly imported is to check the file size of your powerpoint presentation after you save. If the file size is larger by the amount of the file you imported then it is properly inserted and will work on other computers.
  • You will NOT have access to “Presenter View”. Any material in the Notes section of PowerPoint should be printed out ahead of time.

Before the Symposium

We recommend you use AT LEAST two of the following methods to save and make your presentation accessible for the day of the Symposium. We strongly recommend that you save a back-up of your presentation on a USB drive and another version on either on a cloud backup service or email.

  • USB flashdrive - Save a copy of your presentation to a flashdrive. Use a standard size USB flashdrive.
  • Cloud backup - Upload your presentation to a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, etc.
  • Email- Email yourself a copy and download it to the desktop on the day of the event.

On Wednesday, April 15th, check-in at the registration table in Newcomb Hall Ballroom 30 minutes before your session time.

You should arrive in your presentation session room at least 15 minutes prior to the presentation session start-time to download your presentation to the computer. We recommend that you drag a copy of your presentation to the computer's desktop for faster performance during your presentation.

Logistics of the presentation sessions

  • Sessions will be organized according to disciplines.
  • Moderators will guide questions and discussion during each presentation session.
  • A session assistant will be available to help with set up and timing for the presentation.
  • Each presenter should participate in the entire session.

More questions?

Visit our Symposium FAQ or email