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William M. Ferraro - United States History in the 18th century

The Washington Papers (Papers of George Washington)
Supervising Faculty Member: 
William M. Ferraro
Research Focus: 

The Papers of George Washington is a scholarly edition in print and electronic formats of all substantial correspondence and supporting materials related to Washington's life. The control and use of archival and published manuscripts; primary sources found on paper, micro formats, or electronic databases; genealogical materials; and pertinent secondary sources and reference works are required to produce the final scholarly product.

Position Description: 

Create or proof authority files of people, places, and editorial identifications found in the various series of The Papers of George Washington.
Use library catalogs and databases to compile bibliographies on specific topics and then create files of the actual items for ready editorial use.
Conduct biographical and genealogical research to assist the writing of editorial identifications of individuals. Similar research also may be called for to identify places.
Scan or photocopy primary materials to create subsets of larger collections directly related to current editorial work.
Assist with the transcription and translation of 18th-century documents in non-English languages, especially Spanish and German. (Non-English language skills are desirable but not required)

Required Skills: 

Able to operate photocopiers, scanners, and microproduct equipment.
Comfortable with large amounts of data and able to record information carefully and accurately.
Some familiarity with the history of the American Revolution and later 18th century and a desire to engage in historical research
Facility in non-English languages, especially Spanish and German. (Non-English language skills are desirable but not required)

Computer software: 
What will you learn: 

Conduct independent bibliographic research

Properly distinguish between and employ primary and secondary sources

Understand the process and value of documentary editing

History, especially United States History in the 18th century with a focus on George Washington, the Revolutionary War, and politics during the 1790s.