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AR & Mobile Applications in Transportation Infrastructure: Civil Engineering enhanced with Modern Technology

Presenters Name: 
Zachary Bilmen
Co Presenters Name: 
Zijia Zeng
Primary Research Mentor: 
Devin Harris
Secondary Research Mentor: 
Mohamad Alipour
9:30 - 10:15
Time of Presentation: 
2019 - 9:30am to 10:15am
Newcomb Hall Ballroom
Presentation Type: 
Presentations Academic Category: 
Grant Program Recipient: 
USOAR Program

Infrastructure maintenance have not yet adopted modern technologies or methodologies to make the process more quantitatively secure and easy to execute. To begin to remedy this, the MOB Lab Group's Mohamad Alipour has developed a Machine Learning model to classify cracks in concrete structures. Our responsibility has been to implement this algorithm into modern technologies that can be harnessed to give a greater role to the 'civilian engineer' and working professionals. The technologies we used came in the form of a Mobile Application and Augmented Reality. The Mobile Application serves as a proof of concept where citizens can productively engage in the structural health of their communities and build off of the work the already existing MyCville Application does. Augmented Reality provides a mechanism for Civil Engineers to quantify and visualize cracks during bridge inspections with dramatic efficacy. This project serves as a stepping stone to bring Civil Engineering more in line with the technology and societal practices of the modern world.