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Kenan Award

The application portal has now closed. Applications were due by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022. 

Updated information for the 2023 deadline will be posted in October 2022.

Students should read the Policies for Grants to understand the expectations for applicants and awardees before applying. Only applications which are compliant with all policies will be considered eligible for review.


This opportunity established by the William R. Kenan Endowment Fund of the Academical Village supports up to five awards for research in support of the interpretive and educational programs of the Academical Village. These grants support research projects that increase public understanding of the Academical Village under the supervision of a UVA faculty mentor to be carried out in the summer and subsequent academic year following application for the award. These projects may include architectural or field internships, development of exhibitions and other educational opportunities to inform and engage the public (of all ages) in the history, evolution, and restoration of this World Heritage site, preparation of materials on historic preservation for publication and public distribution, and other educational outreach initiatives.

Faculty Mentor

Interested students should discuss the proposed project with a UVA faculty mentor who will advise them in their work early in the process of developing a proposal. The UVA faculty mentor will be asked to complete the Research Mentor Support Form via the application, commenting on the student’s proposal in no more than 500 words and, upon the project’s completion, will submit a brief narrative assessment of the student’s project.


Kenan Awardees may be granted up to $4,000 to pursue their objectives, and faculty mentors receive research support in the amount of $1,000.


Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply. All applicants must be full-time UVA students and must remain enrolled at the University through the completion of their project year. The program welcomes proposals from all subject areas and schools at the University.

Application Process

Students will submit a project proposal, budget request, resume, and unofficial transcript. Applicants will also be asked to provide the contact information for their UVA faculty mentor, who will complete the Research Mentor Support Form, and for an individual who can complete the Recommendation Form, speaking to their qualities as a student and/or researcher. Faculty reviewers will assess each application based on merit, taking into account such considerations as clarity of the research question, appropriateness of methodology, the project’s feasibility, the applicant’s preparation for undertaking the project, and the alignment with the goal of the endowment.

The project proposal is expected to be written in the style of a grant application. Proposals should not exceed 2 pages (single-spaced, 12 point font, with 1-inch margins) and should include the following sections: background and question(s), methods, anticipated outcomes, and the significance of the work. The proposal should highlight how the proposed work contributes to an increase in public understanding of the Academical Village. Proposals should be uniformly cited using a citation style appropriate to the field of the project, and a bibliography should be included (though this will not count towards the page limit).

Submitting Joint Applications

Each student interested in applying to the Kenan Award should submit their own application.

Kenan Award Recipient Projects