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Double Hoo Award

The application portal is now closed. Applications were due by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, January 21st, 2022.

Decisions for this year's competition will be announced in early March.  

Students should read the Policies for Grants to understand the expectations for applicants and awardees before applying. Only applications which are compliant with all policies will be considered eligible for review.


The Double Hoo Research Grant supports pairs of undergraduate and graduate students pursuing research together each year. The program is intended to build collaborative interactions between the undergraduate and graduate communities throughout the University. These collaborations provide opportunities for more advanced research by undergraduates and valuable mentoring experiences for graduate students.

Faculty Mentor

We ask that undergraduate-graduate student pairs be advised by a UVA faculty mentor. The UVA faculty mentor will be asked to complete the Research Mentor Support Form, speaking to the abilities of both the undergraduate and graduate student in no more than 500 words, and may serve in a supervisory role while the graduate student partner provides more of the direct mentoring to the undergraduate student partner.


Double Hoo awardees may be granted up to $6,000 to pursue their objectives. UVA faculty mentors receive research support in the amount of $500. Graduate students are not eligible to receive living stipend support through this award as the main benefits to them are the mentoring opportunity, work of their undergraduate researcher, and funding for research materials. Double Hoo awardees may also apply for a renewal (of up to $3,000) following their first successful round of funding, which may be used to cover expenses related to continuing the project or to present findings at a conference.


The undergraduate may be a first- or second-year or third-year transfer student, and the graduate student must be enrolled in a doctoral program at UVA. The program focuses on first- and second-year undergraduate students with the intention of creating an access point into research. This early entry point also allows for longer partnerships, which is highly beneficial to students who pursue the funding renewal opportunity unique to the Double Hoo. The program welcomes proposals from all subject areas and schools at the university.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted by the undergraduate student, who will submit a project proposal, budget request, resume, and unofficial transcript. The graduate student will submit a statement on mentorship in which they should address their values, goals, and vision for their role as a mentor to the undergraduate student, and the UVA faculty mentor will complete the Research Mentor Support Form, and the undergraduate will also be asked to provide contact information for another individual to complete the Recommendation Form. Faculty reviewers will assess each application based on merit, taking into account such considerations as clarity of the research question, appropriateness of methodology, the project’s feasibility, and the students’ preparation for undertaking the project.

Both the undergraduate and graduate student partner are expected to write a single project proposal together in the style of a grant application. Proposals should not exceed 2 pages (single-spaced, 12 point font, with 1-inch margins) and should include the following sections: background and question(s), methods, anticipated outcomes, and the significance of the work. The proposal should provide clarity on the major contributions of each partner to various stages of the project where appropriate. Proposals should be uniformly cited using a citation style appropriate to the field in which the project will take place, and a bibliography should be included (though this will not count towards the page limit).

Double Hoo Recipient Projects