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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Fascism, Aerial Photography, and the Italian Occupation of Ethiopia, 1935-1941 Shivani Dimri Erik Linstrum 2018 Harrison Award
"A Different Kind of Democrat:” Rep. Cheri Bustos and Winning in Trump Districts Jack Wilkins Sidney Milkis 2018 Harrison Award
A Comparison Between Effects of Specific and Nonspecific Exercises on Parkinson's Disease Progression Hamzah Shariff, Kyle Manetz Steven Malin 2018 CBURG Award
A Spatial Archaeological Study of the Delmarva Peninsula Courtney Roark Stephen Plog 2018 Harrison Award
A Summer Drama Study in NYC Jack Gereski David Dalton 2018 University Award for Projects in Arts
Art-Photography Madeline Smith Alice Bailey 2018 University Award for Projects in Arts
Assessing the role of neural noise in driving the social-perceptual effects of oxytocin Diogo Miguel and Goncalves Fortes Jessica Connelly 2018 Harrison Award
Can hydrophobins be engineered to create switchable biosurfactants? Lauren Harkins and Nathanael Sallada Bryan Berger 2018 Double Hoo Award
Catalytic Conversion of Methane to Methanol over Metal Ion-Exchanged Zeolites Jonathan Zheng and Gordon Brezicki Robert Davis 2018 Double Hoo Award
Characteristics of Front, Back, Light, and Dark Voice Qualities Melanie Turner Nicholas Barone 2018 Harrison Award
Charlottesville Village of Veterans (C-ViVe) Drew Boland, Jordan Richardson, Stephanie Yusif, Yuanpeng Cheng Garrick Louis 2018 JPC Award
Cheat to win: Children's judgements of advantageous vs. non-advantageous rule-breaking Christina Marlow Amrisha Vaish 2018 Harrison Award
Creatures of the State: The Rise of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, 1945-2000 Leah Silverman and Abeer Saha Sarah Milov 2018 Double Hoo Award
Development of Novel Dual-Treatment Nanotherapeutic Liposomes in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patrick Beck and Jerermy Shaw Mark Kester 2018 Double Hoo Award
Disruption or Adoption? Understanding Perceptions of Driverless Buses by fusing Social Media Data Mining and On-site Surveys Max Zheng and Zhiqiu Jiang Andrew Mondschein 2018 Double Hoo Award
Economic Sectionalism, Intergovernmental Finance, and Democratic Transparency Connor Fitzpatrick and Nicholas Jacobs Lynn Sanders 2018 Double Hoo Award
Economy, Religion, and Politics in Roman Pompeii Meghan Wingert Elizabeth Meyer 2018 Harrison Award
Elucidating the Cellular and Molecular Underpinnings of Sex Bias in Autism Spectrum Disorder Calli Bellinger John Lukens 2018 Harrison Award
Empowering Youth through a Sexual and Reproductive Health Escuela Móvil in Bluefields, Nicaragua Reanna Panagides, Christine Guzman, Annika  Rhinehart, Abigail Maclin , Mira Sridharan Emma Mitchell 2018 JPC Award
Examining nesting behavior of exotic and native mason bees (genus Osmia) in the Commonwealth of Virginia Nayoung Lee and Kathryn LeCroy T'ai Roulston 2018 Double Hoo Award