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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
A Cost Effective Approach to Improving Low Income Housing Assistance Benjamin Thomas Edgar Olsen 2017 Harrison Award
Agent-based modeling of the glioblastoma tumor microenvironment Lynette Sequeira and Jessica Yuan Jennifer Munson 2017 Double Hoo Award
An Inquiry into the Development of Eastern and Western Artist's Books Celia Ehrenpreis Dean Dass 2017 University Award for Projects in Arts
Analysis and Refinement of a Culturally Appropriate Women’s Reproductive Health (WRH) Curriculum in the San Lucas Tolíman, Guatemala and Its Continued Use in Both Rural Guatemala and the United States Kristin Zwicklbauer and Grace Styklunas David R. Burt 2017 CBURG Award
Analyzing The Effect Of Bioprinting On Temr Construction Tehan Dassanayaka George Christ 2017 Harrison Award
Ann W. Richards and Shifting Texas Politics: A Case Study on Gubernatorial Strength and Influence Sarah Killian Michael Smith 2017 Harrison Award
Assesment of the Participation of RotaryClubs in the Dictionary Project Naina Wodon Rebecca Hehn 2017 CBURG Award
Assesment of the Participation of RotaryClubs in the Dictionary Project Naina Wodon Rebecca Hehn 2017 CBURG Award
Autism Phenotype Of Parent And Child: Examining Emotional Understanding Across Same And Other Age Target Natalie Noble Tobias Grossmann 2017 Harrison Award
Autism Theatre Project Olivia Cosby, Jaclyn Lund, Annie Frazier, Anna Morgan, Golda Houndah Jane Hilton 2017 JPC Award
Awakening the Silent X-chromosome for Rett Syndrome Therapeutics Zheng and Piotr Przanowski Sanchita Bhatnagar 2017 Double Hoo Award
Beta Phase Distribution in Al-Mg Alloys of Varying Composition and Temper Raewyn Haines and Matthew McMahon James Burns 2017 Double Hoo Award
Bioresponsive delivery of IL-4 for multiple sclerosis relapse therapy Lydia Erbaugh and Nick Murphy Kyle Lampe 2017 Double Hoo Award
Building A Seaside Metropolis from Above and Below Elizabeth Spach Andrew Kahrl 2017 Harrison Award
Community Oriented Health Logistics Shadelle Gregory, Richard Froese, Elli Veer Rupa Valdez 2017 JPC Award
Cooperation Of Nrf2 And P53 In Breast Cancer Initiation Joseph Burns Kevin Janes 2017 Harrison Award
Counterterrorism in London: The Prevent Program and the Muslim Community Nojan Rostami Michael Smith 2017 Harrison Award
Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching in Albemarle County Public Schools Annalee Jackson, Abigail Jordan, Eleanor Sechler, Madelaine Martin, Abigail Kayser Stanley Trent 2017 JPC Award
Democracy's Descent: From Emancipation to Empire Daniel Ajootian and Jack Furniss Olivier Zunz 2017 Double Hoo Award
Designing a Cardiac Metastasis Model Jeffrey Allende Daniel Gioeli 2017 Harrison Award