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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
3D Printing ELP/XG Hydrogels to Serve as a Conduit for CNS Tissue Regeneration Anahita Sharma Kyle Lampe 2019 Harrison Award
A Medical-Journalism Experience in South Africa: A Feature Investigation into the Tuberculosis Crisis of Cape Town's Khayelitsha Township Samuel Wilson Elizabeth Denton 2019 University Award for Projects in Arts
A new method for increasing perceived liking in conversations Brigitte Lieu and Quinn Hirschi Timothy Wilson 2019 Double Hoo Award
A Summer at the American Dance Festival Heidi Waldenmaier Kimberly Brooks Mata 2019 University Award for Projects in Arts
Analyzing 2D Material Synthesis Parameters from Scientific Literature Using Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Rohan Taneja Prasanna Balachandran 2019 Harrison Award
Art, Imagery, and Female Piety in Julian of Norwich Emily Raheem Elizabeth Fowler 2019 Harrison Award
Assessing the roles of proposed catalytic base residues in the determined mechanism of a phosphoglucose isomerase from Thermotoga maritima Katherine Lake and Nicole Swope Linda Columbus 2019 Double Hoo Award
Autistic-like Traits and Functional Connectivity of Social and Nonsocial Reward Elizabeth Wat James Morris 2019 Harrison Award
Breaking Down the Moral Support Parenting Approach: How Latino Parents Can Become More Involved in their ChildrenÕs Education Astrid Escobar Tonya Moon 2019 Harrison Award
Can networks evolve? Olivia Baker and Phoebe Cook Edmund Brodie 2019 Double Hoo Award
Characterization of Epigenetic Regulation of the Glucocorticoid Receptor in Prairie Voles Kevin Tarczon and Amalia McDonald Jessica Connelly 2019 Double Hoo Award
Characterization of Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells (OPCs) in Response to uPa Cleavage Site Densities of Elastin-like Protein (ELP) Sharon Zheng Kyle Lampe 2019 Harrison Award
Creating a Concrete Mix to Extrude Complex Structures Connor Wynkoop Ji Ma 2019 Harrison Award
Data Augmentation of Meningeal Lymphatic Vessels for Segmentation and Analysis Using Deep Learning Networks Michael Ferguson and Nazia Tabassum Scott Acton 2019 Double Hoo Award
Deciphering the Role of Meningeal T cell Activation in Alzheimer's Disease Nisha Dabhi Jonathan Kipnis 2019 Harrison Award
Diffusion of small molecules through immunized lymph node tissue Timothy Freeman and Megan Catterton Rebecca Pompano 2019 Double Hoo Award
Disease progression in hypertension and breast cancer via caveolin-1 pathways Tina Chai Robin Felder 2019 Harrison Award
Dissection of Vagal Motor Neuron Connectivity and Function for the Pancreas Chelsea Li John Campbell 2019 Harrison Award
Distress Intolerance and Catastrophizing: Testing Models of the Relationship Between Anxiety and Depersonalization Noah French Bethany Teachman 2019 Harrison Award
Does chemotaxis influence the virulence of E. coli bacteria in the gut? Nushaba Rashid Roseanne Ford 2019 Harrison Award