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University Undergraduate Award for Arts Projects

All grants and programs in the Office of Undergraduate Research for the 2020-2021 academic year will not be updated until we receive further guidance and policy from the leadership and associated offices at the University of Virginia. We thank you for your patience. 

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The University of Virginia is invested in and supportive of the arts as inquiry, as information, and as innovation. Pursuit of the arts on all these levels is taking place across Grounds, reflecting UVA’s dedication to building on innovative research and fostering inspired expression that equips us for the future. To ensure that the UVA community continues to grow in production of and appreciation for the arts, it is particularly important to engage and support undergraduate students who are exploring art across disciplines, schools, departments, and programs. When undergraduate students are given the freedom and opportunity to focus on a special project in the arts, with the guidance of gifted faculty members, the experience becomes formative – and transformative – for them and for the entire UVA community.


The University Award for Projects in the Arts is intended to expand students’ opportunities for creative expression and showcase significant accomplishments in the arts. The program, modeled after the University’s successful Harrison Undergraduate Research Awards, funds outstanding undergraduate projects in the arts to be carried out in the summer and the upcoming academic year for awards of up to $3,000. Each student applicant or group of applicants proposes a project of creative work. Eligible projects might include writing or directing a play or film, writing a collection of poetry, designing costumes for a play, choreographing a dance, creating a sculpture, or composing or performing a piece of music. The University-wide awards have been funded in the past by a range of schools and offices including the College, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the School of Nursing, the Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer, the Office of Undergraduate Research, the Vice Provost for Academic Programs, the Vice President for Research, and the Vice Provost for the Arts. They are open to all undergraduates, regardless of schools or majors.

Past recipients of the University Undergraduate Award for Arts Projects program have included the following promising artists:

 Arts Award Recipient Projects

Many recipients of the University Undergraduate Award for the Arts Projects go on to pursue graduate-level and professional work in the arts, including several who have received UVA’s prestigious Aunspaugh Fifth Year Fellowship, which enables a UVA student who has an undergraduate degree to spend a year of intensive effort in a studio area within the McIntire Department of Art.