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JPC Award

Creation of a Ceramic Water Filter Factory in Hammanskraal, South Africa

In partnership with Khulisa Social Solutions and PureMadi, team members will help establish a ceramic filter factory in Hammanskraal, South Africa. The team will install a filter press, hammer mill, and kiln, and will build a sieve table and soak tank. Varying ratios of clay to sawdust will be tested systematically to produce ceramic water filters with appropriate flow rates. Team members also will study a new silver application method to determine performance with respect to disinfection of waterborne pathogens.

Hoos Enabling Academic Tutoring

To meet the increasing demand for trained UVA students to tutor youth from the local community, Hoos Enabling Academic Tutoring (HEAT) will work with UVa’s "Day In The Life" (DITL) program and its community site supervisors to enhance the program’s recruitment and training. To increase student recruitment, the HEAT project will develop and pilot student leadership opportunities in DITL; to ensure student preparedness to tutor, the HEAT project will develop and pilot online tutor-training modules.

Empowering Youth as Health Promotion Ambassadors though the Healthy Youths Promoting Advocacy and Wellness ( H.Y.P.A.W)

In collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Education in St. Kitts and Nevis, our assessment of self-reported teen health perceptions aims to improve the implementation of the Federation’s Millennium Development Goals. The assessment will facilitate implementation by revealing significant health-related concerns that will inform the design and sustainability of our proposed peer-health education curriculum. We hypothesize that curricular development informed by an analysis of the WHO GSH survey will advance community health advocacy.

Initiative reCOVER 2016

The 2016 Initiative reCOVER focuses on the design of a combined temporary housing facility, cafeteria and medical clinic that will serve the elderly and disabled homeless population of Ethiopia. This facility will be owned and operated by the Macedonians Humanitarian Association, one of the only indigenous Ethiopian charitable organizations that serves this vulnerable population. Research will focus on passive design techniques appropriate to the environment and existing precedents and construction techniques in Ethiopia.

Autism Theatre Project

The Autism Theatre Project aims to bring sensory friendly theatre to the Charlottesville community. Through the JPC and with help from the Virginia Institute for Autism, we will be developing a guide for sensory friendly production adaptation to be used by local theaters, as well as our normal season length, which is two to three shows.


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