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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Optimizing Performance of Point-of-Use Water Filtration with Silver-Embedded Ceramic Tablets Julia Davis, Jamie Harris James Smith 2021 CBURG Award
Reframing Public Health Pedagogy: Design of a Community Health Organizing Curriculum Alongside SEWA Kamya Sanjay, Hansa Doppalapudi, Mansi Suresh, Aira Matin Rupa Valdez 2021 CBURG Award
The Impact of a Novel Fall Intervention on High Fall Risk Populations in Senior Living Communities Melissa Choi, Maggie Bujor, Meenoti Thakore Aaron Yao 2021 CBURG Award
The UVA-SWO Partnership for Rangeland Ecology Research and Education Sophie Wong, Emily Kruse, Maelee Hearington, Caroline Osborn, Alexa Williams, Adam Adelstein, Henry Chin Howard Epstein 2021 CBURG Award
Agua es Vida: A Continued Study of Mining-Induced Water Contamination and Water-Based Development in Intag, Ecuador Emma Karnes, Rosalie Daval, Juan Garcia, Phineas Alexander David Edmunds 2020 CBURG Award
Pathogen Free Discharge Coalition (UVA-GI) Rawan Osman & Hania Abboud Aaron Mills 2020 CBURG Award
SABER: A Historical Case Study of EMR Implementation in Guatemala Bonnie Laingen & Hailey Robbins Kent Wayland 2020 CBURG Award
The impact of insurance coverage on noncompliance within Charlottesville Vani Agarwal & Nabeel Raza Don Detmer 2020 CBURG Award
UVA-SWO Partnership for Rangeland Ecology Research and Education Magnolia Matthews, Maelee Hearington, Sophie Wong, Hannah Ownby, Emily Kruse Howard Epstein 2020 CBURG Award
Evaluating the Quality and Efficacy of Home-Based Medical Care Programs in China Joyce Cheng Aaron Yao 2019 CBURG Award
The Consequences of Mining-Induced Water Degradation and the Role of Sustainable Income-Generating Initiatives in Strengthening Community Resistance to Mining in Intag, Ecuador Emma Karnes, Catherine Leigh David Edmunds 2019 CBURG Award
UVA-GI Potable Water Project Jate Bernard, Elayna Render David Burt 2019 CBURG Award
A Comparison Between Effects of Specific and Nonspecific Exercises on Parkinson's Disease Progression Shariff Hamzah, Kyle Manetz Steve Malin 2018 CBURG Award
Heritage Trails Map: African American Churches of Charlottesville and Albemarle Joseph Wright Eleanor Wilson 2018 CBURG Award
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of a Resource Limited Women's Reproductive Health Curriculum Miriam Gbadamosi, Hannah Sweeny David Burt 2018 CBURG Award
UVA - SEWA Partnership: Designing Occupational Health Curricula for Informal Women Workers Patrick Robinson, Lina Hong, Elizabeth Watt, Mary Collins David Edmunds 2018 CBURG Award
Analysis and Refinement of a Culturally Appropriate Women’s Reproductive Health (WRH) Curriculum in the San Lucas Tolíman, Guatemala and Its Continued Use in Both Rural Guatemala and the United States Kristin Zwicklbauer and Grace Styklunas David R. Burt 2017 CBURG Award
Assesment of the Participation of RotaryClubs in the Dictionary Project Naina Wodon Rebecca Hehn 2017 CBURG Award
Assesment of the Participation of RotaryClubs in the Dictionary Project Naina Wodon Rebecca Hehn 2017 CBURG Award
Impact of Civic Engagement Education on Youth Community Involvement, Ghana Nana Adwoa Ofori, Nathan John Maurice Apprey 2017 CBURG Award