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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Can hydrophobins be engineered to create switchable biosurfactants? Lauren Harkins and Nathanael Sallada Bryan Berger 2018 Double Hoo Award
Catalytic Conversion of Methane to Methanol over Metal Ion-Exchanged Zeolites Jonathan Zheng and Gordon Brezicki Robert Davis 2018 Double Hoo Award
Creatures of the State: The Rise of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, 1945-2000 Leah Silverman and Abeer Saha Sarah Milov 2018 Double Hoo Award
Development of Novel Dual-Treatment Nanotherapeutic Liposomes in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patrick Beck and Jerermy Shaw Mark Kester 2018 Double Hoo Award
Disruption or Adoption? Understanding Perceptions of Driverless Buses by fusing Social Media Data Mining and On-site Surveys Max Zheng and Zhiqiu Jiang Andrew Mondschein 2018 Double Hoo Award
Economic Sectionalism, Intergovernmental Finance, and Democratic Transparency Connor Fitzpatrick and Nicholas Jacobs Lynn Sanders 2018 Double Hoo Award
Examining nesting behavior of exotic and native mason bees (genus Osmia) in the Commonwealth of Virginia Nayoung Lee and Kathryn LeCroy T'ai Roulston 2018 Double Hoo Award
Finding Middle Ground: The Role of Cultural Schemas in Working Mothers' Work-Family Strategy Decisions Yuxin Wu and Sarah Mosseri Elizabeth Gorman 2018 Double Hoo Award
Genetic deconstruction of the mechanisms promoting high-sugar diet induced obesity Leila Rayyan and Wenfan Ke Eyleen O’Rourke 2018 Double Hoo Award
I Think, Therefore I Feel; I Feel, Therefore I Think: Increasing Post-Choice Satisfaction in Decision Making Jenny Lim and Remy Furrer Timothy Wilson 2018 Double Hoo Award
Judgment of Other's Happiness Joyce Hong and Hyewon Choi Timothy Wilson 2018 Double Hoo Award
Mapping the Fate of Nkx2.5- and GATA4-expressing Progenitor Cells During in vitro Cardiogenesis Chelsea Li and Corey Williams Eli Zunder 2018 Double Hoo Award
Material characterization of subcutaneous adipose tissue and its application in traffic injury prevention Neil Singh and Zhaonan Sun Jason Kerrigan 2018 Double Hoo Award
Visualizing Myosin VIIa Dynamics and Characterizing Its Function During Tip Link Recovery Jeewoo Kim and Sihan Li Jung-Bum Shin 2018 Double Hoo Award
Agent-based modeling of the glioblastoma tumor microenvironment Lynette Sequeira and Jessica Yuan Jennifer Munson 2017 Double Hoo Award
Awakening the Silent X-chromosome for Rett Syndrome Therapeutics Zheng and Piotr Przanowski Sanchita Bhatnagar 2017 Double Hoo Award
Beta Phase Distribution in Al-Mg Alloys of Varying Composition and Temper Raewyn Haines and Matthew McMahon James Burns 2017 Double Hoo Award
Bioresponsive delivery of IL-4 for multiple sclerosis relapse therapy Lydia Erbaugh and Nick Murphy Kyle Lampe 2017 Double Hoo Award
Democracy's Descent: From Emancipation to Empire Daniel Ajootian and Jack Furniss Olivier Zunz 2017 Double Hoo Award
Development and Maintenance of Neuropathic Pain via Pannexin-1 Channels Pranav Baderdinni and Adishesh Narahari Douglass Bayliss 2017 Double Hoo Award