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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Understanding the Neural Basis of Social Touch: an Asleep Infant fMRI Investigation Macie Tran & Cabell Williams Meghan Puglia 2024 Double Hoo Award
Use of hypomethylating agents to reprogram LGL leukemia cells Dac Nguyen Phuc Nguyen & Ariana Sabzevari Thomas Loughran 2024 Double Hoo Award
#MeToo and the Accused; Apologies, Denials, and Employment Trends in Hollywood Noelle Mendelson & Julia Stein Dessauer Isaac Reed 2023 Double Hoo Award
A Smartphone-Paper-Microfluidic-Based Device for the Measurement of Serum Creatinine Amelia Bergeron & Xiaoyu Yu Yong Wang 2023 Double Hoo Award
An Exploration of How Gut Microbiota Influences Early Life Neurogenesis in Drosophila Melanogaster Crystal Guerrero & Taylor Nystrom Sarah Siegrist 2023 Double Hoo Award
An Investigation of Immune Genes in Daphnia Pulex Madison Doceti & Robert Porter Alan Bergland 2023 Double Hoo Award
Analysis of Native and Invasive Plant Species Abundances and Distribution on Observatory Hill Claire de la Paz & Elise Heffernan Howard Epstein 2023 Double Hoo Award
Are Dads Necessary? The Role of the Father in the Development of the Male Brain and Behavior Trisha Maheshwari & Taylor Hinton Allison Perkeybile 2023 Double Hoo Award
Determining the role of tenascin-n (tnn) in perineurial glia development Cole Blanton & Charles Mrcucci Sarah Kucenas 2023 Double Hoo Award
Developing a semantic genomic data search engine using natural language processing and representation learning Alip Arslan & Nathan LeRoy Nathan Sheffield 2023 Double Hoo Award
Developmental Expression of Kv1.1 in the Medial Dorsolateral Thalamus of Zebra Finch Jenna Stutzman & Taylor Byron Daniel Meliza 2023 Double Hoo Award
Exploring the Role of Individual Differences in Autistic and Non-Autistic Undergraduates' Evaluations of Autism-Related Coursework and Subsequent Self-Evaluations Talyn Steinmann & Kayden Stockwell Vikram Jaswal 2023 Double Hoo Award
Harnessing Glucosylceramide Synthase Inhibitors to Improve Venetoclax Sensitivity in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Maansi Taori & Johnson Ung Thomas Loughran Jr. 2023 Double Hoo Award
Identification of Predictors of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and Creation of “VDAST” – A Program for Early Detection and More Effective Intervention of PAD Kimball Sheehan & Paranjay Patel Margaret Tracci 2023 Double Hoo Award
Increasing the scope of the pharmaceutical compounds containing functionalized 7-membered carbon rings Rachel Stegner & Megan Ericson W. Dean Harman 2023 Double Hoo Award
Investigating the Effects of CLEC7A Deletion on Tauopathy Progression Alexandra Vesselinov & Alexis Johnson John Lukens 2023 Double Hoo Award
Investigating the Role of DR6 Reconstitution on Cell Death John Lee & Ekaterina Stepanova Christopher Deppmann 2023 Double Hoo Award
Investigation of Platinum(II)-Catalyzed Olefin Hydrophenylation with Various Ligand Scaffolds Kwanwoo Park & Marc Bennett Thomas Gunnoe 2023 Double Hoo Award
Localized mitochondrial metabolic activity in Xenopus mesendoderm cells undergoing collective cell migration Wakako Endo & Gustavo Pacheco Douglas DeSimone 2023 Double Hoo Award
Non-Invasive Lattice Light Sheet Imaging of Living Host-Microbiome Interfaces Maddie Miles & Deepika Parthasarathy Andreas Gahlmann 2023 Double Hoo Award