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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Latent Q-Learning for Enabling Fluent Human-Robot Collaboration TJ Vitchutripop & Mohammad Samin Yasar Tariq Iqbal 2022 Double Hoo Award
The combined effects of genetic background and diet on metabolism Dhanush Banka & Jordan Reed Mete Civelek 2022 Double Hoo Award
The Effect of Time Pressure on Children's Fairness Behavior and Executive Function Hailey Costello & Johanna Chajes Amrisha Vaish 2022 Double Hoo Award
The Effects of Inflammasome Activation on Seizure Propagation Ava Hollis & Kristine Zengeler John Lukens 2022 Double Hoo Award
The role of cell-adhesion molecule Nectin3 in cochlear innervation Esha Fateh & Shaylyn Clancy Xiaowei Lu 2022 Double Hoo Award
A Foundation for Contextual Bandit Applications Kasra Lekan, Mark Rucker Hongning Wang 2021 Double Hoo Award
Assessment of Daily TROPOMI Observations for Nitrogen Dioxide Inequality Research Isabella Dressel, Angelique Demetillo Sally Pusede 2021 Double Hoo Award
Capturing Family Perspectives During Home Visits Arnaldo Sandoval-Guerrero, Melissa Lucas Judy Paulick 2021 Double Hoo Award
Contemporary Black Cooperatives Research Project Garvey Goulbourne, Matthew Slaats David Edmunds 2021 Double Hoo Award
Determining the Mechanisms for Aurora B Enrichment to the Inner Centromere of Merotelic Attachment Sites Charan Vemuri, Tan Truong Peter Stukenberg 2021 Double Hoo Award
Diversity Discussions Through Humility Sarita Mehta, Jacklyn Lisnek Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi 2021 Double Hoo Award
Family Matters: A Holistic Examination of Kinship Care Lauren O'Neil, Julia Stamper Brooke Lehmann 2021 Double Hoo Award
Glacial or Marine? Utilizing a Novel Research Approach to Characterize Stratigraphic Units in the Puget Lowland, Washington State Medha Prakash, Marion McKenzie Lauren Simkins 2021 Double Hoo Award
Investigating the Role of Ras Signaling in Microglia Homeostasis Sai Gajula, Yen Nguyen Hui Zong 2021 Double Hoo Award
Metabolic changes in the lymph node after vaccination Erica Kem, Alexander Ball Rebecca Pompano 2021 Double Hoo Award
Music Theories: Epistemes of Oppression or Liberation Anne Kickert, Jessica Swoboda Michael Levenson 2021 Double Hoo Award
Optimization of a Hydrogel Scaffold Using Agent-Based Modeling to Improve Diabetic Wound Healing Alex Taing, Lauren Pruett Donald Griffin 2021 Double Hoo Award
Re-Contextualizing Successful Outcomes for Militant Organizations in Conflict Mithra Dhinakaran, Alexis Jihye Yang Philip Potter 2021 Double Hoo Award
Reversible Interconversion of Platinum Cations to Nanoparticles in Zeolites for Catalyst Regeneration Anupama Jayaraman, Keka Mandal Chris Paolucci 2021 Double Hoo Award
Role of a Unique Microglia Population in Fighting Cerebral Toxoplasmosis Ish Sethi, Maureen Cowan Tajie Harris 2021 Double Hoo Award