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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Physical and Biochemical Remodeling of Tumor Draining Lymph Nodes in Breast Cancer Morgan-Elizabeth McKnight & Katerina Morgaenko Rebecca Pompano 2023 Double Hoo Award
Role of perineuronal nets in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer's Disease Archer Gurkin & Lata Chaunsali Harald Sontheimer 2023 Double Hoo Award
Social Connection Strategies Among Recent College Graduates Sally Park & Shelly Tsang Adrienne Wood 2023 Double Hoo Award
The Role of Fos Positive Astrocytes in Epilepsy Jennifer San Pietro & Madison Failor Edward Perez-Reyes 2023 Double Hoo Award
The Role of the Gene Eyeless in Mushroom Body Neurogenesis Carina Karp & Kendall Branham Sarah Siegrist 2023 Double Hoo Award
Understanding the role of pannexin-1 (PANX1) channels in cardiomyocytes in neutrophil recruitment to the failing heart Hannah Luviano & Katie Pavelec Norbert Leitinger 2023 Double Hoo Award
Unraveling Gas-Surface Energy Transfer Effects on the Reactivity of Linear & Branched Alkanes on Transition Metal Catalysts through Advancements in Theoretical Modeling of Experiments Dade Walker & Mark Bernard Allan Harrison 2023 Double Hoo Award
Using Microfluidics and Agent-Based Modeling to Evaluate the Role of Porous Media in Chemotactic Migration Eliza Mills & Rhea Braun Roseanne Ford 2023 Double Hoo Award
Using single nucleotide polymorphisms to characterize cis- and trans-splicing in Mus musculus and Mus spretus Jack Engel & Samuel Haddox Hui Li 2023 Double Hoo Award
Using Tryptophan Fluorescence to Study AVIL Binding Interactions Thomas Manley & Adelaide Fierti Hui Li 2023 Double Hoo Award
Adaptive Digital Twinning: An Immersive Visualization Framework For Structural Cyber-Physical Systems Connor Lyons & Zahra Zhiyanpour Devin Harris 2022 Double Hoo Award
Appalachian Perspectives of Local Healthcare Stella Alexiou & Courtney Rodgers Richard Handler 2022 Double Hoo Award
Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation: Understanding Impact on Practice Victoria Kim & Jacob Elmore Peter Youngs 2022 Double Hoo Award
Crypto-democracy? Non-Fungible Tokens, Digital Aesthetics and the Political Economy of Decentralization Hazel Schaus & Karl-Magnus Brose Christa Robbins 2022 Double Hoo Award
Defining L-serine as a longevity factor Leah Gunnoe & Elisa Enriquez Heles Jeffrey Smith 2022 Double Hoo Award
Determining GRP-DMV circuitry in the control of lower esophageal sphincter physiology Ian Irushalmi & Tatiana Coverdell John Campbell 2022 Double Hoo Award
Elucidating Effects of Glp-1R Agonist Pathways on the Principle Clock & Circadian Rhythms Aleyna Buyukaksakal & Elizabeth Godschall Ali Güler 2022 Double Hoo Award
Examining Social Exploration Among College Students Maddie Mixon & Kyle Barrentine Adrienne Wood 2022 Double Hoo Award
Examining the Mechanical Stability of Cured Hydrogels by Quantifying the Degree of Cross-linking Isabella Lee & Jonathan Zatorski Rebecca Pompano 2022 Double Hoo Award
FeS2/MoS2 nanowire as a potential high-performance water-splitting catalyst Dawn Ford & Lee Kendall Giovanni Zangari 2022 Double Hoo Award