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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Individual Variability in the Oxytocinergic System and the Development of Amygdala Functional Connectivity Alison Goldstein & Amalia McDonald James Morris 2019 Double Hoo Award
Investigating the Role of Geoengineering as a Moral Hazard for Climate Change Mitigation Hanna Davis & Maura Austin Benjamin Converse 2019 Double Hoo Award
Mechanistic studies of a female-specific chimeric RNA Emily Lin & Xinrui Shi Hui Li 2019 Double Hoo Award
Molecular Electrochemistry for Energy Relevant Catalysis Julia Dressel & Shelby Hoe Charles Machan 2019 Double Hoo Award
Quiet Activism: The American Jewish NGO Reaction to the 1953 Doctors’ Plot Kendall Krantz & Amy Fedeski James Loeffler 2019 Double Hoo Award
Role of Inhibitory Neurons in SCN8A Epileptic Encephalopathy Abrar Majidi Idrissi & Eric Wengert Manoj Patel 2019 Double Hoo Award
The Identifiability Effect and Prosocial Behavior in Young Children Kayla Pelletz & Steven Beeler Amrisha Vaish 2019 Double Hoo Award
"I Think, Therefore I Feel; I Feel, Therefore I Think: Increasing Post-Choice Satisfaction in Decision Making " Jenny Lim & Remy Furrer Timothy Wilson 2018 Double Hoo Award
Can hydrophobins be engineered to create switchable biosurfactants? Lauren Harkins & Nathanael Sallada Bryan Berger 2018 Double Hoo Award
Catalytic Conversion of Methane to Methanol over Metal Ion-Exchanged Zeolites Jonathan Zheng & Gordon Brezicki Robert Davis 2018 Double Hoo Award
Creatures of the State: The Rise of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, 1945-2000 Leah Silverman & Abeer Saha Sarah Milov 2018 Double Hoo Award
Development of Novel Dual-Treatment Nanotherapeutic Liposomes in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patrick Beck & Jeremy Shaw Mark Kester 2018 Double Hoo Award
Disruption or Adoption? Understanding Perceptions of Driverless Buses by fusing Social Media Data Mining and On-site Surveys Max Zheng & Zhiqiu Jiang Andrew Mondschein 2018 Double Hoo Award
Economic Sectionalism, Intergovernmental Finance, and Democratic Transparency Connor Fitzpatrick & Nicholas Jacobs Lynn Sanders 2018 Double Hoo Award
Examining nesting behavior of exotic and native mason bees (genus Osmia) in the Commonwealth of Virginia Nayoung Lee & Kathryn LeCroy T'ai Roulston 2018 Double Hoo Award
Finding Middle Ground: The Role of Cultural Schemas in Working Mothers' Work-Family Strategy Decisions Yuxin Wu & Sarah Mosseri Elizabeth Gorman 2018 Double Hoo Award
Genetic deconstruction of the mechanisms promoting high-sugar diet induced obesity Leila Rayyan & Wenfan Ke Eyleen O'Rourke 2018 Double Hoo Award
Judgment of Other's Happiness Joyca Hong & Hyewon Choi Timothy Wilson 2018 Double Hoo Award
Mapping the Fate of Nkx2.5- and GATA4-expressing Progenitor Cells During in vitro Cardiogenesis Chelsea Li & Corey Williams Eli Zunder 2018 Double Hoo Award
Material characterization of subcutaneous adipose tissue and its application in traffic injury prevention Neil Singh & Zhaonan Sun Jason Kerrigan 2018 Double Hoo Award