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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Displaced Centers: Women's Religious Practice in a Post-Monastic Tibet Tsering Say and Andrew Taylor David Germano 2017 Double Hoo Award
Do emotions shape how people differentiate moral norms from conventional norms? Madeleine Mitchell and Nazli Meltem Yucel Amrisha Vaish 2017 Double Hoo Award
Do Mechanical Signals Trigger Hair Cell Regeneration in the Inner Ear? Christina Kim and Mark Rudolf Jeffrey Corwin 2017 Double Hoo Award
East Asian INGOs and the Case for Regionalization in Global Civil Society Derek Richardson and Mary Collier Wilks 2017 Double Hoo Award
Examining neural correlates of pupil mimicry for own and other race eyes Katherine Haynes and Caroline Kelsey Tobias Grossman 2017 Double Hoo Award
Luminescent cyclic amine substituted β-diketones and their boronated complexes Daniel Song and Fang Wang Cassandra Fraser 2017 Double Hoo Award
Molecular dissection of the soma-to-germ line trade off in C. elegans Mikayla Marraccini and Anna Way Eyleen O'Rourke 2017 Double Hoo Award
Private Developers and Public Policy: The Case of Morocco's Housing Resettlement Policies Caroline Alberti and Fatmah Behbehani Ellen Bassett 2017 Double Hoo Award
Ramifications of Police Shooting News Coverage Alexandra Levin and Diane-Jo Bart-Plange Sophie Trawalter 2017 Double Hoo Award
SensCam: Developing Next Generation Camera-Based Sensors for Health Monitoring of Critical Infrastructure Ahmed Osman and Mohamad Alipour Devin Harris 2017 Double Hoo Award
Social Regulation of Risk Taking and Neural Threat Responding Among Children and Mothers Demitra Chavez and Cat Thrasher Tobias Grossman 2017 Double Hoo Award
The Effect of Parents on College Student Engagement: Evaluation of a Randomized Control Trial Yifan Wang and Denise Deutschlander Josipa Roksa 2017 Double Hoo Award
Use of PACT (passive clarity technique) to study role of tissue inflammation in T. gondii infection Kari Byrnes and Stephanie Melchor Sarah Ewald 2017 Double Hoo Award
Black Girls Must Matter: An Assessment of the Current Mentoring and Service Programs Available to Girls of Color in our Local Area Annalee Jackson and Abigail Kayser Bonnie Gordon 2016 Double Hoo Award
Can Islam be American? A Survey of the Forms and Causes of American Prejudice Against Muslims Lucas Connolly and Kara Fitzgibbon Thomas Guterbock 2016 Double Hoo Award
Changes in the microbiome contribute to depression in Multiple Sclerosis Jennifer Goertz and Ioana Marin Alban Gaultier 2016 Double Hoo Award
Characterizing the role of SOX9 super enhancer in deriving chemo-resistance in ovarian cancer Inyoung Lee and Stephen Shang Mazhar Adli 2016 Double Hoo Award
Composite Cosmopolitanism: Artistic Self-Fashioning in Belle Époque Portraiture Emily Cox and Elizabeth Doe Sarah Betzer 2016 Double Hoo Award
Environmental Justice and Lead Gas Pollution During Baltimore's Golden Age of Suburbanization Vijay Edupuganti and Leif Fredrickson Brian Balogh 2016 Double Hoo Award
From Bloomers to Pantsuits: Gender and American Party Politics from 1856 to 2016 Lily Roth and Lauren Haumesser Elizabeth Varon 2016 Double Hoo Award