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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
3D Bioprinting Tumor Models Ailene Edwards Matthew Lazzara 2021 Harrison Award
3D Printed Shape-Changing Materials Meliha Grbic Ji Ma 2021 Harrison Award
A Neural Network Method for the Classification of Cell Viability in Microscope Images Brian Mbogo Ammasi Periasamy 2021 Harrison Award
A Novel Approach to Immunotherapy for Brain Cancers Suchet Taori Benjamin Purow 2021 Harrison Award
Addressing stressors associated with the transition to parenthood: Examining a teletherapy intervention for new parents Julia Pan Melvin Wilson 2021 Harrison Award
Archival Reckoning: Locating Enslaved Laborers in the Morris and Overton Papers Grace Powers Lisa Goff 2021 Harrison Award
British Art and French Nation-building in the French Restoration Sarah Combs Jennifer Sessions 2021 Harrison Award
Characterization and tracking of retinal morphology changes in aniridia Carlos Rodriguez Xiaorong Liu 2021 Harrison Award
Computationally-Guided Investigation of Novel Near-Infrared Second Window Fluorophores David DiMeglio Cliff Stains 2021 Harrison Award
Conservation Dynamics of Fly Wing Allometry in Seasonal Drosophila Populations William Miller Alan Bergland 2021 Harrison Award
Design, Implementation, and Validation of a Questionnaire to Estimate Chronic Cough Burden in School-Age Children with Asthma Joria Le Gerry Teague 2021 Harrison Award
Development of New Synthetic Methods to Enable Rapid Pharmaceutical Discovery Kohl Ratkovich Michael Hilinski 2021 Harrison Award
Effect of Psychoeducation on College Students' Levels of Psychological Distress Justine Lee Melvin Wilson 2021 Harrison Award
Effect of Pyridostatin on G-Quadruplex Secondary Structure Stabilization in ALS Reem Al-Humadi Yuh-Hwa Wang 2021 Harrison Award
Effect of TNFR Superfamily Members on Sensory Neuron Development Paulina Payne Christopher Deppmann 2021 Harrison Award
Effects of Changing Redox States on Optoelectronic Properties of a Fused Borepin System Nula Jones Robert Gilliard 2021 Harrison Award
Encoding Maya Cosmovision Aldo Barriente Allison Bigelow 2021 Harrison Award
Examining the Relationship between Cognitive Flexibility, COVID-19 Anxiety, and Race Tylar Schmitt Bethany Teachman 2021 Harrison Award
Exploration of depression etiology through aryl hydrocarbon receptor activity in the hippocampus Hannah Cahill Alban Gaultier 2021 Harrison Award
Feminism and Technology in the Cold War Sarah Rigazio Brian Balogh 2021 Harrison Award