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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
A Dendrochronological Study of Climate-Growth Relations in Alaska's Boreal Forest Sophia Gibby Howard Epstein 2024 Harrison Award
A Graphical Model for Identifying Temporally Fluctuating Balancing Selection Giovanni Mazzeo Alan Bergland 2024 Harrison Award
Aberrant Infiltration of Astrocytes with Increased and Decreased Neuronal Cell Death Kate Meyer Jaeda Coutinho-Budd 2024 Harrison Award
Advanced Imaging and Machine Learning Analysis of Tear Secretion Mechanisms in Mice Mahi Gudi Seham Ebrahim 2024 Harrison Award
Analyzing polarization and axon growth of neurons with two nuclei Selena Akay Noelle Dwyer 2024 Harrison Award
Bidirectional contribution of C. difficile infection and Alzheimer's disease to exacerbating cognitive decline and inflammation in a murine model Suemin Yang Cirle Warren 2024 Harrison Award
Can a Canvas Paint Itself? Testing the Role of Autonomous Molecular Mechanism in the Establishment of Guppy Color Pattern Olivia Colli Pietro de Mello 2024 Harrison Award
Cellular Localization and Structural Implications of TMC5 in the Intestinal Epithelium Alina Alfaro Seham Ebrahim 2024 Harrison Award
Characterizing Phase I and Phase II of HSV-1 Reactivation Richard Bond Anna Cliffe 2024 Harrison Award
Deciphering the role of bacterial extracellular vesicles in Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis Alisha Thakur Alban Gaultier 2024 Harrison Award
Describing thermodynamic interactions between salt and water in hydrated polymers to guide engineering strategies for desalination membranes Natasha D'Cunha Geoffrey Geise 2024 Harrison Award
Determining how SEPT9 Enters the Motile Ciliary Axoneme Victoria Hua Saurabh Kulkarni 2024 Harrison Award
Determining Sex-specific Roles of Endogenous Sex Hormone 17β-estradiol on Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotypic Transition during Atherosclerosis   Noelle Koo Gary Owens 2024 Harrison Award
Determining the role of Periostin+ cancer-associated fibroblasts in the resistance to chemotherapy treatment of pancreatic cancer Songhan Pang Andrew Dudley 2024 Harrison Award
Developing an artificial intelligence algorithm for morphometric quantification of pancreatic islet mass in mice Alexandra Zaffuts Weibin Shi 2024 Harrison Award
Development of a Tissue Engineered Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier Rachel Johnston Rebecca Pompano 2024 Harrison Award
Development of Graphical Neuroimaging Analysis Library for Brain-Imaging Studies Kunaal Agarwal Javier Rasero 2024 Harrison Award
Does genotypic compatibility contribute to parasite fitness? Schubin Chon Amanda Gibson 2024 Harrison Award
Does Hunger Exacerbate Physiological and Emotional Responses to Stress? Gianna Latorre Jennifer MacCormack 2024 Harrison Award
Dominant negative correlation and critical period analysis of finley mutant gap junction sub-unit Connexin 41.8 in Danio Rerio Harrison Hutto Dave Parichy 2024 Harrison Award