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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
A Computational and Imaging Study of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART) Emily Zhu Per Sederberg 2023 Harrison Award
American Intelligence: John K. Fairbank and the Relationship between American Academia and China Policy in the Early Cold War Sivan Ben-David Bradly Reed 2023 Harrison Award
Building the Hydrogen Economy: Understanding Hydrogen-Material Interactions in Additively Manufactured Metals Lara Ojh James Burns 2023 Harrison Award
Development of a deep learning algorithm for quantification of pancreatic islet mass in mice Kate Brady Weiben Shi 2023 Harrison Award
Development of artificial intelligence algorithm for quantification of atherosclerotic lesions William Giles Weibin Shi 2023 Harrison Award
Effect of Palmitoylation of P75 Neurotrophin Receptors on Neuron apoptosis Shreya Nagarajan Christopher Deppmann 2023 Harrison Award
Effects of Autism-linked SynCAM 1 mutation on mice behavior and brain connectivity Yanbin Xu Adema Ribic 2023 Harrison Award
Examining the Experiences of Undergraduate Black Women at The University of Virginia Cheyenne Butler Stephen Parks 2023 Harrison Award
Exploring the Effects of Oxygen Availability on the Long-Term Viability of Tonsil Tissue Culture and Cell Egress Tiffany Tran Rebecca Pompano 2023 Harrison Award
Harnessing Plants Initiative Summer Internship Charlie Vavrik Mark Beenhakker 2023 Harrison Award
How glaucoma affects non-visual functions through one type of retinal ganglion cells Jason Borst Xiaorong Liu 2023 Harrison Award
Identifying Candidate Causal Variants in Coronary Artery Disease via Computational and CRISPR-based Approaches Lily Lei Mete Civelek 2023 Harrison Award
Identifying the Frizzled Receptors for Non-Canonical Wnt Signaling during Cochlear Development Nicholas Xie Xiaowei Lu 2023 Harrison Award
Impact of Reduced Efferocytosis on Multiple Sclerosis Pritika Modhukuru Sanja Arandjelovic 2023 Harrison Award
In vivo imaging of early damage in retinal ganglion cells immediately following acute optic nerve crush Charlotte Zhang Xiaorong Liu 2023 Harrison Award
Inducing Neural Growth in the Avian Song Control Circuit with Apoptotic Cell Death Alexandra Perez Tracy Larson 2023 Harrison Award
Inhabiting Byzantine Athens Carter Lowe Fotini Kondyli 2023 Harrison Award
Investigating the Effect of the Microbiome on Antigen Presentation by Enteric Glial Cells in Animal Models of Multiple Sclerosis Helen Le Alban Gaultier 2023 Harrison Award
Investigating the role of Cst7 expression in the 5xFAD model of Alzheimer's disease Abhi Verma John Lukens 2023 Harrison Award
Investigating the role of microglia on social memory implicated afferents in the CA2 Shahzeb Hashmi Elise Cope 2023 Harrison Award