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Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
3D Printing of Organic Material Spencer Barnes Ji Ma 2020 Harrison Award
A novel mechanism by which coronary artery disease risk variant rs7947761 regulates vascular smooth muscle cells Dillon Lue Mete Civelek 2020 Harrison Award
A Novel Role for the Ras-Related Protein RalA Within the Cellular Starvation Response Tuyet-Minh Tran David Kashatus 2020 Harrison Award
A Pause in Justice?: The Missing Years in Italian Constitutional History, 1948-1956 Mary Margaret Chalk James Loeffler 2020 Harrison Award
Aboriginality in America: Gloria Petyarre’s Mural at the Kansas City Zoo Emmy Monaghan Christa Robbins 2020 Harrison Award
American Pacifism and Imperialism from 1914-1945: A Brotherly Affair? Ann Valentine David Singerman 2020 Harrison Award
Axonal Projections of the Zebra Finch Caudal Mesopallium Fatima Ahsan Daniel Meliza 2020 Harrison Award
Characterization of Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cell Subtype Resistance to Glaucomic Degeneration Joanna Moy Xiaorong Liu 2020 Harrison Award
Deserving equally: Understanding children’s perceptions of unfairness in merit-based allocations Madeline Brence Amrisha Vaish 2020 Harrison Award
Determining the role of Lgals3 in vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic transitions and atherosclerotic plaque-stabilization Mahima Reddy Gary Owens 2020 Harrison Award
Development of a Neonatal Murine Model of Nephrotoxin Induced Acute Kidney Injury Margaret Van Cleve Jennifer Charlton 2020 Harrison Award
Does Early Intervention Improve Outcomes After Surgery for Posterior Glottic Stenosis? Karlie Sivetz Patrick McGarey 2020 Harrison Award
Elucidating a Reversed Starvation Response in Dopamine-Deficient Drosophila Ashley Ewing Jay Hirsh 2020 Harrison Award
Examining Women Cancer Survivor's Usage Patterns of a Novel Mental Health Mobile Application Ravi Suresh Philip Chow 2020 Harrison Award
Familial Relationships During the Chinese Cultural Revolution Kelsey Schoeman Bradley Reed 2020 Harrison Award
Geophysics in Archaeology and the Aphidna Survey Project (Greece) Brian Pfeifer Anastasia Dakouri-Hild 2020 Harrison Award
HCI: Nonconscious Digital Self-Control Tool Application to Prevent Digital Device Overuse Robert Schwartz Panagiotis Apostolellis 2020 Harrison Award
How KLF14 functions differently in female and male adipocyte cells Zhiwen Xu Mete Civelek 2020 Harrison Award
Investigate the Role of Bifunctional Growth Factor - Amphiregulin in Type 1 Diabetes Gabrielle Costlow Rahul Sharma 2020 Harrison Award
Investigating How Cognitive Load Affects Processing of Emotional Images of Varying Arousal and Valence Luke Cavanah James Morris 2020 Harrison Award