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Continuing Healthy Habits: Examining Connection to Families and Re-Emphasizing Place-Based Learning

Student Researcher(s): 
Maeve Curtin, Grace Sheridan, Megan Dister, Emma Kingsbury, and Patrick Mahan
Faculty Advisor: 
Eileen Merritt
Community Partner: 
City Schoolyard Garden at Burnley-Moran Elementary School

Environmental education programs can increase children’s ecological, social, and civic wellbeing.
Our team hypothesizes that place-based gardening and cooking during the Healthy Habits Club at Burnley-Moran Elementary School will increase students’ nutritional knowledge, practical skills, and desire to share healthy habits. These objectives will be measured through student surveys and analyzed using categorical statistical software. We expect that the healthy habits the students cultivate will transcend their time at club to positively influence their lives.

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