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Double Hoo Research Proposals

Reseacher Specialization Research Focus
Asa Nichols - Science Inorganic Chemistry

My research focuses on developing molecular electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction to valuable fuels and fuel precursors.

Roza Przanowska - Science Noncoding RNAs in skeletal muscle differentiation

Skeletal muscle formation (myogenesis) occurs in embryonic development, but also during regeneration process in adults. Herein, I focus on the specific noncoding RNAs to find out what is their role in myogenesis.

Pilar Alamos - Social Science Educational Psychology

My research focuses on the quality of teacher-child interactions and preschool children's development. In particular, I am examining teacher-child emotion talk and its links to children's self-regulation.

Ariel Cornett - Social Science Social Studies Education

Miller and VanFossen (2008) characterized research on economics education as an "unfinished agenda" and called for work that explores "how students reason with economics" (p. 300).

Andrew Frankel - Social Science Comparative and International Education

This project explores how educators use extracurricular education to negotiate marginalization in Tibetan areas in western China.

Meret Hofer - Social Science Community Psychology & Prevention Research

Much of the existing academic literature on policing has relied on quantitative methods, with little regard to the lived experiences of police officers.

Erin Jordan - Social Science Sociocultural, women and youth, East Africa

I study the role of formal education systems in youth aspiration in northern Tanzania.

Crystal Slane - Social Science Cognitive

We are interested in how eyewitness testimony is perceived by investigators and jurors.

Bailey Troia - Social Science Sexuality, gender, new media

This project explores the ways LGBTQ+ millennials construct their sexual and gender identities.

Samuel Lemley - Humanities 17th and 18th-century Literature, Digital Humanities

Our project, Rotunda Library Online (RLO), aims to recreate and reconstruct UVa’s original Rotunda Library in an online, searchable short-title catalog.

Xin Deng - Engineering Thermoelastohydrodynamic (TEHD) modeling for fluid film bearing

Oil-lubricated bearings are widely used in high speed rotating machines such as those found in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Mehrdad Shafiei Dizaji - Engineering Computer Vision Based Structural Health Monitoring

My research is currently focused on the Computer Vision-based structural health monitoring in classification and localization of damage that is present in the 3D model.

Nazia Tabassum - Engineering Image Processing

Meningeal lymphatic vessels are a recent discovery at UVA and have been shown to play a role in cognitive disease.

Claire-Marie Brisson - Humanities Transnational Studies of the 20th-21st Centuries (France, Canada, United States) - Humanities & Social Science

As the political, social, and creative climate in the United States has turned its eyes inwards to domestic issues, my research focuses on reassessing the global question through language, literature, and policy.

Andrew Hill - Humanities Medieval Manuscript Culture

My research on French Books of Hours in U.S. collections and museums aims to provide a bibliographical and archival resource for the continued study of the medieval cult of Saint Margaret of Antioch.

Katelyn Ahern - Science Metabolism

The acute stress response is activated by injury or surgery and results in whole-body insulin resistance and high blood sugar, leading to increased post-operative complications and death.

Andrea Baellow - Science Sports Medicine

Knee pain, specifically patellofemoral pain (PFP), affects many people in the general population and cause a decrease in physical activity and overall quality of life.

Elizabeth Gonye - Science Neuropharmacology

My work focuses on understanding the role of a certain channel in fat cells. We are trying to find out how the channel is activated in these cells and what role the activation has in the fat cell's biology.

Abbis Jaffri - Science Foot and Ankle Biomechanics/Imaging

My research goal is to improve functional assessment of the patients suffering from foot and ankle pathologies/injuries.

Kelsie Krantz - Science Main Group Organometallic Synthesis

We are trying to synthesize novel Group 14 and 15 hybrid materials with applications in electronics.