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Numerical modeling and flow simulation of patient-specific biomedical applications

Presenters Name: 
Bruce Bui
Primary Research Mentor: 
Haibo Dong
Secondary Research Mentor: 
Junshi Wang
11:15 - 11:30
Time of Presentation: 
2019 - 11:15am to 11:30am
Commonwealth Room
Presentation Type: 
Presentations Academic Category: 
Grant Program Recipient: 
USOAR Program

This research project is focused on the modeling and simulation of biomedical fluid dynamics problems that involve blood flow in veins of human central nervous system or airflows in human airway during snoring and phonation. Patient-specific 3D models such as blood vessels, uvulas, and vocal cords, are reconstructed based on CT or MRI data. The kinematics of uvula and vocal cords are then reconstructed using high-speed camera videos taken in the experiments. From these models, calculations can be performed using computational fluid dynamics solvers (ANSYS Fluent) and in-house CFD code in order to obtain the fluid field information, including vortex structure, pressure, velocity, and vorticity. This research will give better insight into health issues such as pulse synchronous tinnitus, snoring, and damaged vocal cords, and provide potentially significant suggestions for surgical interventions.