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Pride and Inter or Intra Group Aid

Presenters Name: 
Victoria Hume
Co Presenters Name: 
Primary Research Mentor: 
Eileen Chou
Secondary Research Mentor: 
Julia Schnyer
11:00 - 12:15
Time of Presentation: 
2019 - 11:00am to 12:15pm
Newcomb Hall Ballroom
Presentation Type: 
present a poster
Presentations Academic Category: 
Social Science
Grant Program Recipient: 
USOAR Program

Groups of individuals with a common identity may choose to aid themselves, intra group aid, or outside groups, intergroup aid. To learn more about the situations in which individuals aid their own group problem versus outside groups, we created four conditions. Condition one and two test participant impressions of nonprofits that aid man-made problems such as child hunger, with condition one being at the domestic or intra group level, and condition two being a foreign or intergroup level. Condition three and four test participant impressions of nonprofits that aid victims of naturally occurring problems such as flooding, condition three being the intragroup level, and condition four being the intergroup level. We will compare the qualitative, quantitative, and effort-based tests results from these different conditions to see if man made or naturally occuring problems within one's intra group or inter group compel more people to aid the cause. We hypothesize that individuals will deny intra group, man made problems, due to pride, but help intergroup man made problems. We believe that knowledge of how man made or naturally occuring problems stimulate different aid responses for different groups of people has important implications for foreign relations and policy.