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Recipient Directory

Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
ecoMOD4 Monitoring and Performance Analysis Matthew Cleveland, Kate Howling, Kevin Eady, Farhad Omar, Rebekah Berlin Paxton Marshall 2009 JPC Award
GED Class for the Homeless Fredericka Wicker, Lee Stephenson, Cristina Liebolt, Danielle Donovan James Savage 2009 JPC Award
Implementing a Sustainable Water Filtration System Through Community Engagement Veronica Gutierrez, Ethan Heil, Rachel Brown Glazner James Smith 2009 JPC Award
LEED and Earthcraft in Affordable Housing Edric Barnes, Logan Whitehouse, Cameron Williams John Quale 2009 JPC Award
Sustainable Social Enterprises in Bluefields, Nicaragua Courtney Mallow, Hana Abbas, Elizabeth Broderick, Robin Kendall, Tyler Matuella Brad Brown 2009 JPC Award
Sustainable Stormwater Management: Validating Water Quality and Quantity Michael Downey and team Janet Herman 2009 CBURG Award
The Effect of Career Development Centers on the Brain Drain in South Africa Sarah Munford and Ishraga Eltahir Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton 2009 CBURG Award
The Effects of Gender Inequality on Healthcare for Women and Children in Vietnam Hannah Pocock Ellen Fuller 2009 CBURG Award
The Use of a Sensory Resource Guide in Dementia Care Jena McDaniel, Hilary Koch, Jennifer Peterson Barabara Braddock 2009 JPC Award
Transitional Disaster Relief Shelter Prototype Design/Build Sara Harper, Assa Abboud, Tyler Jenkins, Daniel Mowery, Sam Pepper Anselmo Canfora 2009 JPC Award
Water, Health and Sanitation in La Gracia, Belize Kate Villars, Cara Magoon, Julie Evans, Brian Hickey, Chris Tutino, Ariel Sayre Robert Swap 2009 JPC Award
Young Women Leaders Program 9th Grade: Sister to Sister Program Lauren Boswell, Rebecca Dolan, Britteny Madine, Lowery Pemberton, Jasmine Wade Joanna Lee 2009 JPC Award
Young Women Leaders’ Program (YWLP) Her Story Project Jessica Clarke, Caroline Schmidt, Lauren Poppalardo, Kendall Williams, Stephanie Newton, Jessica Page Edith Lawrence 2009 JPC Award