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Recipient Directory

Project Title Student Researchers Faculty Advisor Year Award Type
Private Spaces for Public Educators: Anna Merrick Bonewitz 2011 Kenan Fellowship Award
Young Women Leaders Program Cultural Exchange and Research for Future Site in Panama City Hannah Lambert Edith Lawrence 2011 CBURG Award
Charlottesville Refugee Project Katherine Whelan, Hebah Fisher, and Carolyn Sliwa Bob Swap 2010 CBURG Award
Grassroot Voices Rachel Macauley Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton 2010 CBURG Award
Hosting a Global Spectacle Tai Ford and Andrew Yu Carol Anne Spreen 2010 CBURG Award
How Local Institutions are able to support sustainable development in Bluefields, Nicaragua through education Electra Bolotas Brad Brown 2010 CBURG Award
Lived Theology and Missions in Western Nicaragua James Hill Heather Warren 2010 CBURG Award
Public Health Intervention and Disease Prevention in Rural Honduras Claire Hennigan and Amy Rogers Rebecca Dillingham 2010 CBURG Award
The Challenge of Confronting HIV/AIDS in the Post-Apartheid South African Health Care System Christine Hercik Rebecca Dillingham 2010 CBURG Award
The Role of Host Among the Makushi William Hurd George Mentore 2010 CBURG Award
Turtles, Tourists and Tropics Chelsea Vonu and Jay Farris David Smith 2010 CBURG Award
"Culturally Competent Healthcare: Partnering to Study Diseases of Poverty in a Multiethnic Community in Bluefields, Nicaragua" Robin Kendall and Virginia Ruddock Brad Brown 2009 CBURG Award
"Finding Poetry in Urban Gardening: A Community's Tool" Michael Mahoney Victor Luftig 2009 CBURG Award
"Implementing a Sustainable Water Filtration System Through Community Engagement" Ethan Koesters Heil James Smith 2009 CBURG Award
"Implementing Healthy Building Principles in a Piedmont Housing Alliance Development" Matthew Bowyer John Quale 2009 CBURG Award
"More than a Cavity: Utilizing Dental Hygienists to Improve Dental Health in Southwest Virginia" Laura McLaughlin Tanya Wanchek 2009 CBURG Award
Sustainable Stormwater Management: Validating Water Quality and Quantity Michael Downey and team Janet Herman 2009 CBURG Award
The Effect of Career Development Centers on the Brain Drain in South Africa Sarah Munford and Ishraga Eltahir Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton 2009 CBURG Award
The Effects of Gender Inequality on Healthcare for Women and Children in Vietnam Hannah Pocock Ellen Fuller 2009 CBURG Award