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Undergraduates In The News

In 2015, a team of students partnered with PureMadi and Khulisa to create the infrastructure for a ceramic water filter factory in Hammanskraal, South Africa.  Our team plans to return to this factory in the summer of 2016 to further develop the filter making process by experimentally optimizing the clay-sawdust-water formulation for filter manufacturing based on available local materials.

The 2016 Initiative reCOVER focuses on the design of a combined temporary housing facility, cafeteria and medical clinic that will serve the elderly and disabled homeless population of Ethiopia. This facility will be owned and operated by the Macedonians Humanitarian Association, one of the only indigenous Ethiopian charitable organizations that serves this vulnerable population.

Environmental education programs can increase children’s ecological, social, and civic wellbeing.

In collaboration with the Ministries of Health and Education in St. Kitts and Nevis, our assessment of self-reported teen health perceptions aims to improve the implementation of the Federation’s Millennium Development Goals.