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How To Make an Oral Presentation of Your Research

This page is intended to help empower students seeking research experiences. There is no one path or best approach to this process, but we hope to provide you with some effective thoughts and approaches.

What is a Poster?

conference attendees in front of poster displaysA poster is a visual presentation of your research. It should be in a form that someone could fully read in five to ten minutes. A common size for a poster is 48 inches wide by 36 inches high.

The Office of Citizen Scholar Development offers several grants to students to fund research projects. You can learn about these opportunities below.


Publishing in an undergraduate journal is a great way to share your research and engage in current conversations in your field. Be sure to ask your faculty advisor or mentor to review your manuscript before submission. The University of Virginia has several undergraduate journals in which students can submit for publication or become involved on the editorial board.

Greg Gerhimg with studentsFaculty who provide mentorship to undergraduate students pursuing academic research and creative inquiry are contributing to a well-known high impact educational practice.